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My Netgear Extender Is Not Broadcasting SSID. What Should I Do?

Is your Netgear WiFi range extender not broadcasting SSID? Need not to worry! This issue has become one of the biggest hurdles for many Netgear extender users across the globe as they are unable to access the setup page for configuring their device and modifying their extender’s settings as per preferences. Well, there can be a number of reasons causing “Netgear extender not broadcasting SSID” issue. Let’s take you through all the reasons causing the issue. Here we go:

  • Wrong placement of your Netgear WiFi range extender
  • Interference-creating obstacles in the way of your extender and router WiFi signals
  • Connectivity issues
  • Improper configuration
  • Outdated firmware
  • Overloaded wireless channels

Now that you have come to know the reasons behind the issue, let’s take the plunge to fix it.

Fix: Netgear Extender Not Broadcasting SSID

Place Your Netgear Extender Correctly

Where have you placed your Netgear extender? Have you placed it inside a cabinet, under a table or away from the reach of your router’s WiFi? If yes, then you have found the reason behind “Netgear extender not broadcasting SSID” issue. Thus, to get the most out of your extender, place it openly on a higher shelf and within the reach of your existing router.

Keep WiFi Obstructions at Bay

On the off chance if there are certain interference-creating obstructions located in between or nearby your Netgear extender, then also you may experience the issue. To get that fixed, simply keep your Netgear extender at a location where it is getting least signal interference from third-party or unknown WiFi devices. Keeping your Netgear range extender away from doors and windows can also help you out in a big way.

Check the Connectivity

Netgear extender not broadcasting SSID issue can persist if there is no connection between your extender and router. So, to get the issue fixed, make sure to establish a proper Ethernet connection between your Netgear range extender and router.

To check the Ethernet connection, launch a web browser on a PC or laptop, and access the mywifiext setup page.

Bonus Tip: In the event that your Netgear extender is still not broadcasting the SSID, then ensure that your device network name is enabled.

Configure Your Netgear Extender Properly

If you have not completed the Netgear extender setup process properly, then also you may encounter the issue. To get that fixed, ensure to configure your Netgear WiFi range extender properly.

Bonus Tip: Refer to the Netgear extender manual for complete configuration instructions.

Update the Firmware of Your Netgear Extender

An outdated firmware version on your Netgear extender can also let you experience the annoying issue. Thus, to fix it, ensure that the latest firmware version is up-to-date on your Netgear WiFi range extender. Visit the setup page to check the firmware updates available for your Netgear extender. And if you find any updates available, follow the on-screen instructions and download the latest firmware version on your Netgear WiFi range extender.

Change the Wireless Channel

Chances are that your Netgear WiFi range extender is operating on the crowded wireless channel and that is why you are facing the issue. So, what you have to do is to visit the settings page of your Netgear WiFi range extender using IP and select the best and less-crowded wireless channel for your device.

Power Cycle Your Netgear Extender

Sometimes, due to overheating of the device, you may experience “Netgear extender not broadcasting SSID” issue. To get the most of your Netgear extender, power cycle/ reboot it once.

Our guide on how to fix “Netgear extender not broadcasting SSID” issue ends here. Do share with us, which method helped you out in fixing the issue. Just in case, if you can’t see your Netgear extender’s WiFi network on the list of networks, you are free to drop all your concerns and queries in the comments section.

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