1. Create an awesome cross-platform community.

The wonderful thing about your fans is that they want to spread the word about your music to new people. If you establish a hashtag for the release of your newest song or album, you can rest guaranteed that your devoted fans will use it as well. And every time one of your fans shares it with their social media networks, your band is exposed to a whole new group of individuals.

2. Play a free show.

Free live music is the only thing that compares to live music. Of course, giving up a night that you could be earning money from a regular performance is costly from an opportunity cost standpoint. If you have the flexibility to play free shows in parks, town squares, and coffee shops on occasion, it might be a great way to get your music out there and meet new people.

3. Play your new stuff on a radio show.

Great radio will never go out of style. Maybe I’m just delusional, but I feel that local radio stations that play the music you wouldn’t otherwise hear on the airwaves will always be valuable to music fans.

4. Play at genre-specific festivals.

While getting a small indie band on the lineup at one of these festivals is no small feat, playing them may not generate as much attention as you would like. Your band may be fantastic, but if the majority of attendees are there to get wasted and bop to Travis Scott, your dream pop tunes are unlikely to be heard. You’ll be playing your music for crowds who actually want to hear it if you choose smaller festivals. You know the guests are there for more than just the food and drink; they’re there because they enjoy the genre and want to learn more about the artists that make it.


5. Document your existence.

You can utilize a blog as a platform for a variety of things. Give viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your songwriting process. Tell amusing stories about your travels. Recommend other musicians who you enjoy. Publishing content like this enhances your likability and allows individuals who have never heard of you to discover your website when searching on Google.


6. Make awesome music videos.

YouTube is watched by nearly one-third of all Internet users. Every day, over half a billion individuals watch Facebook videos. Creating super-engaging music videos is a fantastic method to capture the attention of Internet consumers and introduce them to your music. A superb music video does not necessitate a large budget.

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