Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile Credit Card Processing and its Features

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, the trend to accept payments through mobile credit card processing has been gaining popularity. It provides businesses with an alternative to a full POS system and accepts payments on the go. Let us look at what is mobile credit card processing and its features.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

It is a type of hardware and software that allows merchants to sell products or services and accept payments through cards from anywhere with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. Most of the time, mobile credit card processing and mobile payments are used interchangeably, but the fact is mobile credit card processing is part of mobile payments. 

Features of Mobile Credit Card Processors

The features of the best mobile credit card processing apps are:

  • Data Security

A data breach will not only put your customers’ data in the wrong hands but will also put your credibility at risk. It is important to select a mobile credit card processing service provider who meets PCI Compliance requirements.

  • Mobile Device Compatibility and Multiple Device Support

Look for apps and card readers that are compatible with both Android and Apple devices. To accept payments, you need a compatible device, so cross-platform compatibility is a must-have feature of mobile credit card processing.  Moreover, multiple device support enables you to process payments on a tablet or phone.

  • Unlimited Users and Devices

For the smooth functioning of business, you need many employees to be able to log into the payments app so that billings can be done swiftly and give better experiences to your customers. Ideally, you need access to mobile credit card processing from unlimited devices and for unlimited users at the same time to process payments from customers. 

  • Send Receipts

The best thing about mobile credit card processing is that it allows you to send receipts digitally. You can send the receipts to your customers through email or text messages. 

  • Data Synchronisation

Data synchronisation helps to simplify record-keeping and provides you with real-time information. So, select a mobile credit card processing solution that can synchronise data across all platforms.  

  • Easy to Use Card Reader

A card reader enables you to give customers smooth payment experiences and saves you from keying in transactions manually. A mobile card reader allows customers to pay with their mobiles using Android Pay or Google Pay.

  • Virtual Terminal Functionality 

A virtual terminal is a functionality embedded in the app that allows the business to accept payments with a card without requiring the physical presence of a card. 

  • Flexible with Payment Acceptance

The best mobile credit card processing service providers offer comprehensive solutions such as virtual terminal processing, mobile payments, website payments, recurring billing and invoicing. Select the payment processor that provides multiple payment options.

  • Accept EBT 

Credit card processing systems that accept EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) offer businesses two advantages; first, it allows them to expand their customer base. Secondly, the processing costs for EBT transactions are lower compared to credit and debit cards.

Other features mobile credit card processing solutions should have are In-app sales tax settings, tips and discounts, split tender payments, cash and cheque recordings, product categories, receipt printing, manual entry of card data. Some advanced features like item counts, SKUs and barcode scanning, syncing online stores, customisable reporting and cash drawers etc. Make sure to select a mobile credit card processing solution with all features you will need for smoothly accepting payments for your business.


Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Processing

The benefits of mobile credit card processing are:

  • Ability to make transactions on the go.
  • Convenience for customers and merchants.
  • Ease of use
  • Tracking payment transactions in real-time.
  • Increased sales revenue because the sales are not missed due to long queues or non-acceptance of payment methods other than cash.
  • Mobile credit card processing is very easy to install and configure. It can be set up in minutes allowing merchants to accept payments immediately.
  • Encryption of card data allows secure and reliable payments.
  • Best mobile credit card processing technology can help you prevent unauthorised access with the use of security pin or phone lock options. The data remains safe in case the mobile device is stolen because data is stored in web-based mobile apps.
  • Elimination of paper trail. The receipts can be sent through an email or text message and saves paper and money.

Wrap up-

Mobile credit card processing will stay here because it allows merchants to accept payments anywhere on the go and offers customers convenience, and saves them from the hassles of cash.

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