Military: Underrated and Under-Appreciated

Military as a career is underrated. This may seem obvious, but I’m sure that there are some people out there who just don’t get it. There are many reasons why military is underrated, but I’ll give you my top 5 reasons why it’s underrated:


1) You can get 70% off at restaurants! It’s true! Well, maybe not always… But you can get pretty good discounts at restaurants when you have a military ID. If your parents are in the military, it should be no surprise to see them carrying around their military IDs all the time. This usually means they’re getting 70% off on meals (usually after 12 PM). Even if your parents aren’t in the military, joining them for lunch could actually save you money because of their discount cards. And hey! Your parents could probably use some company during lunch too – especially if they’re eating alone (like mine do).


2) Military pays well for what you do… For most people who join the armed forces (especially enlisted members), what you do is “work”. It’s hard work and very demanding work; however, the pay is very well worth it for what you do. Not everyone can join or stay in the armed forces because of how demanding and dangerous it can be; however, those who choose to stay in will surely be rewarded with enough money to live comfortably – whether they spend that money or save that money up for retirement or college funds later on down their lives. It’s time for military tech startups to take advantage of the fact that these service members are highly trained and highly disciplined to do what they do.


3) Job security. If you’re in the military, it’s almost impossible to get fired or laid off unless you want to be or if you have bad conduct, which is usually only a result of making stupid mistakes while deployed in combat zones. Unlike most jobs out there, military job security is pretty much guaranteed for life (unless something drastic happens). Most people who are unemployed are generally due to layoffs or firings; however, since the military offers job security for life (in most cases), this means that even though it can be hard work at times – especially if you’re enlisted – it’s worth it because your job stability is guaranteed. Even though I’m not currently enlisted anymore, I still get paid every month by my old unit until I get transferred over to my new unit sometime next year when I go back on active duty. This kind of job security speaks volumes about the benefits/rewards/benefactors of being in the military!


4) You can have a challenge. This reason may seem less obvious than the first 3 reasons on this list; however, it’s one of my favorites because not everyone can join or stay in the armed forces… But those who choose to do so will surely find out what they’re made of. For those who join the military, they’ll usually find out what they’re made of because it can be a pretty challenging environment to live in for most people. It’s not easy by any means; however, if you’re looking for a challenge that will test your limits and your strengths, then joining the military is definitely something that you should consider doing. Even though I’m no longer enlisted in the armed forces anymore, I still remember how hard it was to finish up my job. It took a lot of hard work and determination on my part to complete what I started – even though many people told me otherwise… But hey! That’s life!


5) You can have pride in yourself.


If you’re looking for a job that will give you the best pay, the best benefits, and even some pride in yourself – then consider joining the military. If you’re looking for a chance to test your limits and your strengths, then consider joining the military. If you’re looking for job security so that no matter what happens, you can still live comfortably with your family or loved ones or whatever it may be – then consider joining the military (or staying in). If you’re looking to gain some experience working on advanced technology equipment which will help develop better tools/products/solutions later on down your life, then consider joining the military (or staying in).


If I’m not mistaken… Isn’t this one of those things where it’s like “you snooze; you lose”? I don’t know how long this opportunity is going to last; however if I were still enlisted today… I would probably stay enlisted longer because of everything mentioned above.


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