Manifestation Course Delivers Million Dollar Life Goal Success for Sports Professional revealed through their Manifestation Course, a new case study of a sports professional who after being dumped from the team, manifested his career back – even after his position had been filled.

This case study demonstrates that by understanding the quantum field and following instructions, reaching goals is not only possible but predictable.

The case study also demonstrates that the footballer was able to forge his success and was able to reinstate his one million dollar contract back and that in the Quantum Field, nothing is impossible.

Meditation teacher, clinical hypnotherapist and advanced quantum practitioner, Patricia Aaren says, “In helping professionals forge extraordinary success in life, business & career it’s imperative to understand that to transform we must get in touch with the core of who we are by erasing old patterns and beliefs.”

She adds, “Neuroscience proves that when we re-program the subconscious, we establish new neural pathways in our brain for new subconscious beliefs to become automated.”

When you change your beliefs by redirecting your conscious thought, you can change your belief (filter) and when you change your filter, you change your experience of the world around you, otherwise referred to as your reality – and this is manifested from the quantum field.

It was made it obvious that working with transformational coach, Patricia Aaren, saved his career, his income and ability to continue supporting his growing family with a minimum of downtime.

As a newly married man with a large mortgage, a newborn baby and a family to support, the stakes were high and his stress was unimaginable. Like a true professional, he sought expertise and found it with Patricia Aaren. He diligently applied himself to his daily exercises and in under four weeks he had his contract back. Life is good for him and his family because he was coach-able and he had a genuine desire to make it happen.

His achievement meant that a huge burden was lifted from his shoulders and naturally it was met with the joy, gratitude and relief of his family and the amazement of his colleagues. founder and owner, Patricia Aaren says there are many people looking for knowledge and understanding of quantum manifestation and making their dreams and wishes to come true to massive achievements such as business or personal success and life goals through personal and private coaching. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible for a coachable student with the right information and guidance.

Many people seek out Patricia Aaren to solve other issues using hypnotherapy before they start their course.

Some of these issues are: Addictions, depression, relationships, stop smoking, exams, relaxation, drinking, eating problems, stress, drugs, fears, self esteem, gambling, guilt, sleep problems, food, motivation, sexual problems, achieving goals , memory, self hypnosis, anxiety, nerves, career, pain control, skin problems, childhood problems, panic attacks, weight problems, concentration, phobias, anorexia, confidence, public speaking, bulimia, compulsive behaviour, fertility, & much more!

More information on Quantum Manifestation can be found here: was originally founded in 2018 and serves the success coaching and hypnotherapy industry. It is known for helping entrepreneurs and professionals smash their goals faster by shattering blockages to achieve extraordinary success in four to six weeks.

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