Lusail Stadium | World Cup 2022 | All You Need To Know

Qatar has already taken the full preparation for the world cup. FIFA World Cup trophy, the venue for the match has already been decided. Qatar make plans for the FIFA world cup long age from now. In 2017 they started their renovation works for the World Cup.

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Lusail Stadium – the new attraction of the city

It was in 2005 when Qatar announced the construction of a new metropolis, which is unusual for the modern globe. This new space will allow foreigners to purchase property in the country, which was previously not possible prior to the creation of Lusail.

Lusail has completed 80 percent of its critical infrastructure 13 years after its inception, according to the Qatari government.  The big idea is for 250,000 people to live there, scattered across 19 districts, and enjoy all the luxury it offers islands, a lucrative port, retail boulevards, green parks, and a fantastic football stadium, to name a few advantages.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar’s Lusail Stadium

The Lusail Stadium on the beach and the West Bay Lagoon in Al Daayen, the biggest and most spectacular stadium for the 2017 FIFA World Cup, are both parts of the municipality.

This stadium, which is only 10 miles from Hamad International Airport and downtown Doha, is the closest stadium after Al Thumama.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to visit Qatar in 2022 will find Lusail Stadium to be quite accessible.  only need to ride the refurbished Doha Metro which is about a ten-minute walk from Lusail Metro Station.  It will also be accessible by car thanks to accessing roads such as the Al Khor Coastal Road, which have been created specifically for this purpose.

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The capacity of the Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium needs to accommodate as many people as possible to join the roster of international football giants that have hosted the World Cup final.

It was created with this in mind, with an 80,000-seat capacity that will undoubtedly be exceeded on December 18 for the final game in Qatar 2022.

Construction began in April 2017 and is expected to cost $767 million. Although the facility is ready to host football matches, project leader Tamim El-Abed told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the opening ceremony has yet to be announced.

The charming design of Lusail Stadium was inspired by the play of light and shadow of an Arabian lantern. Its appearance is breathtaking as it resembles vases and other Islamic artifacts.

Its fully retractable saddle-shaped dome provides excellent shade for spectators.


Lusail Stadium, when viewed from the side, resembles a classic Arab dhow sailboat, which has a triangular shape. It blends well with the pool that surrounds it and must be entered by crossing one of the six bridges that run around its circumference.

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