Looking For ilasik Near Me

It is estimated that about 75% of adults are wearing either glasses or contact lenses. While some enjoy wearing these, the majority love the idea of never having to wear either. Thankfully that is an option people can choose when they opt for laser eye surgery. Lasik has been popular for a number of years now and has a very good success rate. But as time moves on, advancements in technology continue to improve the standard of the treatment we receive. Don’t get me wrong, lasik is still an excellent option with almost all patients happy with the results. But you can now get the same desired results another way – through an ilasik procedure. So, what is the difference and how can I get ilasik near me?

The lasik surgery that has been around for quite a while now and we are all probably familiar with the procedure. An ophthalmologist will use a small blade called a microkeratome to create a flap on your eye so that they can access the layer beneath and adjust, or reshape, the corneal tissue. It might sound very risky, but it is a very safe procedure to have done. There is of course, however, the fact that it is human hands using the blade so there is always some risk involved, even if it is albeit minimal.

A different process is involved for ilasik which makes it more accurate and at a higher quality. This is because it takes out the margin for error that is there with human hands. A femtosecond laser is used rather than that little bladed instrument – the microkeratome. Firstly, a 3D of your eyes will be made. This will show up any problems there may be ahead of the procedure. The laser will then have a more accurate description of your eye to deliver the best possible treatment to you. This is a very accurate and very safe procedure that many are choosing today as the way to sort their eyesight out once and for all.

If like some, you still want to opt for lasik surgery, that is fine too. Please be reassured by the fact that it is still very highly recommended and loved by those who get it done. But with technological advancements bringing about ilasik, there is now even safer options that might be worth looking into and considering before making a decision on the treatment you will choose.

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