Looking for builders in Essex for your project and needs

Essex is a large area to cover for building property and offering building works, but Johns Brickwork as a company should be the first port of call you go to for any of your building needs as their team are highly skilled and work effectively. This is the case no matter what the size of the project may be overall. They can provide contractors for your new build and renovation and any other type of building works also.


As a building company in Essex and serving all areas of Essex, their service list is extensive and we have a great team with a huge amount of experience in every aspect of those services. From the most simple of jobs to the most complex, there is simply no limit as to what they are able to do and the way they are also able to deliver each and every project they strive to undertake, no matter where in Essex it may be and who it may be for.


Their customers return to us when they need us for further work whether it’s creating a bespoke piece of furniture or an entire property refurbishment. Their team are trained and qualified to work at your property.


They will also work in a way and manner to treat your project with the utmost respect and always try to work to a promised deadline when elements out of our control do not appear (such as bad weather when we are working outdoors or if any problems are unravelled when we get to work). All in all, there is no limit as such to which they will work and get your building works done and in saying so, they will work to make sure this is done and completed as smoothly as possible too. Project management and quality control are just two of the very very key ways they are able to deliver the very best work.


From sourcing architects and working with local councils, to project managing and carrying out works, we can help realise your vision with ease. Renovation can give a property an entirely new look and feel. We use the best materials and employ the finest craftsmen to provide a high-quality finish. This too is where and how as a company they will be able to make a lasting overall difference. When you look for a builder in Essex, just remember that you really do need to do your research.


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