5 best makeup stores

List of 5 best makeup stores with huge variety in Pakistan

As we know modern problems obviously require modern solutions and online makeup store has been a huge convenience for the world. As we see the world is getting advanced day by day.

There are many established makeup outlets and many internet-only retailers which are providing a massive amount of imported makeup from The United States of America, Europe, and many Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea and so many more.

Modern makeup is mainly used by women but, as we see day by day there is an increasing number of males who are using makeup for the same fact which is to enhance their beauty and to spread attraction.

Makeup is used to beautify what you already have. There are many reasons for the usage of makeup and the most common reason is to beautify one’s self.

As we look forward to the history of makeup it is quite impressive to see that makeup has always been a trend in every Era of history.

Ancient Egypt is highly documented by the history of makeup and then comes Persia which is known as Iran and then we see Europe and Japan and many more Asian countries.

Makeup was never and will never be out of fashion. This is the only trend which never gets old no matter what era is it or was. Here is a run-down to the 5 best online makeupds stores in Pakistan.


Cozmetica is a highly preferable online makeup store throughout the Pakistan. This website has always been sharing a strong bond and a positive connection with its customers.

Cozmetica has been providing original, 100% authentic, and imported makeup from many countries ever since it took birth. This website provides makeups from very highly recommended and famous brands like Maybelline, Wet n Wild makeup, NYX, Makeup Revolution, Artdeco, Essence, LA Girl, and many more. Cozmetica also provides Personal care products, Haircare products, Multivitamins, Skincare products, Health care products, and Baby care products too.

This website is quite easy to use it has a simple menu of products that is displayed on the screen and just by a single click you can get your favorites at your doorstep.

H&B Store

Hnb store is very popular in Pakistan and quite a trustworthy site. This website took birth in 2018 and since then Hnb store has gained immense love and popularity from Pakistani women.

This store provides imported makeup products from brands that are famous not just in America, Europe but also in Pakistan and many Asian countries. Brand like Huda Beauty, NYX, Bobbi Brown, Sephora, Ultra, YSL, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills and many more are available.

Hnb has been providing original and authentic makeup it also offers skin care products and hair care and styling products too.


Vegas.pk is a friendly-user online store that has been providing original and authentic makeups ever since it was created. This store has gained the worth of hype throughout the Pakistan. Just search the cosmetic products you are looking for and it will provide it to you.

It is a huge platform and very convenient as far as we look it is quite impressive to get whatever you desire under one roof. It provides high-end brands with pretty excellent quality and super pigmented products.

It offers cosmetics from brands like NYX, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Morphe, NARS, LA girl, and Wet n Wild products, Laura Mercier, Bourjois Paris, Huda Beauty and many more.

Vegas.pk is a successful and popular website that offers cosmetic products over 157 brands which is amazing. This website has a physical store as well.


Bagallery offers different variety of products. Well, if you are looking for a luxury and fancy life style then bagallery is what you need. You can find almost many famous brands here at this website.

This online site provides imported makeup from The United States, Europe, Japan and many more Asian countries. It offers cosmetics from brands like Huda Beauty, NYX, Fenty Beauty, LA Girl, Estee Lauder, Makeup Revolution, M.A.C and way too many more. Bagallery provides authentic and original makeup.

Cosmetic planet Pakistan

Just like the websites mentioned above cosmetic planet also offer a wide range of original, authentic, and imported makeup. You can get whatever you wish just by clicking. Brands that are available at this site are very highly recommended and rated throughout the world.

Brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC, The Balm cosmetics, L’Oreal, Maybelline, LA girl, Morphe, Huda Beauty, Rimmel, Makeup Revolution, Wet n Wild products and way more.

This platform is a friendly-user and the products menu is very easy to use and to look at. You can easily search and place your order. The options are limitless on this site and their prices are reasonable and   similar to market prices.

 As the world is getting advanced every day, business of online makeup store has become necessary for life. These makeup stores are very convenient. It has become very easy to purchase makeups without any rush.

We can easily select and search. So, what more can we desire than to have our favorites at our door step without any botheration.

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