Learn 3 Way People Are Getting Their Hand on Free Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is gaining much traction across the world. It is among a few well-known cryptocurrencies, and is similar to any other currency in many ways; the only exception is that it is traded purely over the internet and does not have any physical existence. If you are looking to invest in bitcoin but can’t purchase the number of bitcoins you want, you can always get additional bitcoin for free.


Below listed are the top 3 ways to get hands-on free bitcoin, for which you don’t have to make any additional investment.

Top 3 Ways to get bitcoin for free


1.Online Shopping and Bitcoin

Who doesn’t enjoy splurging money on shopping online? But what if you could use your online shopping to earn free bitcoin. All you need to do is download a bitcoin cash-back service like Lolli and buy items from any of the 500+ merchant partners listed with it. Every time you purchase with online merchants, it will add a crypto reward to your Lolli wallet. You can withdraw this amount once it reaches $15 and the reward lock-in period has ended. The amount will be transferred to your account within 30-90 days.


2.Crypto Interest Account

Bitcoin is a long-term investment, and there’s nothing much that you can do to grow your holding. Why not earn interest by holding it in a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA)?


With the annual interest rate of 8-8.6%, you can start earning interest from day one. Crypto investors across the world can open their accounts to earn free bitcoin. This is similar to a banking structure where banks lend money to various borrowers and charge interest from them. Similarly, here the interest is paid by lending crypto to top trading players.


3.Earn Bitcoins from Mining

Every time the individual performs bitcoin mining, the system adds additional bitcoin transactions to the blockchain. With every new block, the user is going to receive free bitcoins. Bitcoin requires specialized hardware and complex calculations by the user. Thus they earn free bitcoins by lending computing power to the pool. Most miners use ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits ) hardware to meet the complex demand of crypto mining.


Now that you are clear on how you can earn free bitcoin by simply shopping at your favorite online store, or opening a crypto interest account, or starting bitcoin mining. You can experiment with any of these methods and see what works better for you.


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