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Know about main questions about Affidavit Form I-864 – The sponsor

What happens if the sponsor dies before all of the sponsored immigrant’s family members have entered the United States?

If the sponsor dies after the sponsored principal applicant entered the United States, but before their family members immigrated, a co-sponsor must complete Form I-864. Example: A parent files an immigrant visa application on behalf of their daughter and family. The daughter and her children immigrate to the United States, but the husband remains in the United Kingdom for 12 months. At the time he wishes to immigrate, the sponsor should complete a new I-864. However, if he is deceased, a co-sponsor can complete an I-864.

Recently immigrated to the United States. You have completed an immigrant visa application for my family based spouse / son or daughter in the second preference category. As an applicant, I have to fill out an I-864 form for them. However, since the I-864 form completed on my behalf is still in effect, can I complete it?

You must complete an I-864. If your income is not at or above the poverty level for the size of your household, you will need a co-sponsor.

Obtaining US citizenship is one of the most coveted gifts the US government can offer. There are only 2 ways to become an American:

  • By birth (earth or blood or by adoption since 2000)
  • By naturalization.
  • To become a US citizen, it is necessary that you have had your Green Card for 5 years or 3 years if obtained by following the process of bona fide marriage to a US citizen. You can submit your file 3 months before the end of this period.

In addition, with countries, like France, which have an agreement with the US, you will not pay tax twice. But if the US taxes you more than France (yes, it is possible), you will have to pay the difference in the US

Additional details… For example, certain income in France, such as life insurance, maybe tax-exempt and not in the US and of course in France too. For example, you will not be able to benefit from tax-exempt products neither in one country nor in the other, since the United States will not recognize French tax exemption.

A quick note: as a resident, you obey the same law. So with a green card, if you decide to live somewhere else, you have to surrender it and the US ignores you. That is to say, you are no longer accountable to them. However, a new tax law of 1996 makes you accountable to the US if you have had more than $ 100,000 in taxes in the 2 years prior to your departure.

You have completed the immigrant visa application, but can I be a sponsor if you are currently unemployed / retired / student and have no income?

As an applicant, you must legally fill out an I-864 form, even if you don’t have enough income. If you don’t have enough income, you can add the value of your assets and / or the income and assets of your household members, if they wish. If this still does not meet federal poverty guidelines, a co-sponsor will be needed to complete Form I-864.

You receive allowances. Can you still sponsor your loved one?

As an applicant, you are legally required to complete an I-864 form, even if you currently have no income. Social assistance allowances you receive may be taken into account if you are a sponsor or co-sponsor.

What is the definition of “relative” for job-based sponsorships?

Spouse, a child under 21, son or daughter 21 or over, parent or sibling.

Does the sponsor’s / co-sponsors obligation end upon divorce or the death of the sponsor / co-sponsor?

No, divorce doesn’t cancel I-864. If the sponsor / co-sponsor dies, the assets of the sponsor / co-sponsor remain valid for any assistance or request for reimbursement of allowances received before the end of the obligation to support.

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