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KMA production & KMA Seattle management group has decided this year to start working with a new up-and-coming artist inside their local areas. KMA’s goal is to work with artists to provide them management and assistance they need and not only become a better artist, but also connect to their audience. Out of the 15 new artists KMA is potentially signing two of them that are up-and-coming through their social media and have created foundations for their fans to understand their genre of music and their style of work individually. Those two artists are CMS.Shawn & Marc Vezzy.


CMS.Shawn is a young male artist from the west coast and along with Marc Vezzy both are being scouted with the opportunity to be apart of the group of artists that will be in KMA’s BET Award entourage in 2022. The artists were asked questions that would help the public and KMA is entertainment management team better understand where the artists were currently at and where they want to take their careers in entertainment. Check out their responses below and contact KMA Seattle if you think one of these artists deserve to be taken to the stage in their careers with the help of KMA Seattle Management Group.







How do you see yourself standing out of the crowd of young up & coming artists?


“ I know I stand out from other young up and coming artist, because I don’t follow the crowd . I’m different. I know everyone uses that word, and everyone claims to be different and in most ways they are, but I’m fully against the grain. The Bay has a sound it claims as its own and being from the Bay, I love this sound . Even though that sound has influenced my music it’s not the sound I produce. I have my own sound that will make a big change.”


What or who got you into music & where do you see it taking you?


“My brothers all got me into music . CMS is a group they started and accepted me in . I wouldn’t be making music without them, so they’re who I do it for. I see music taking me further than music . I see it as a pathway to many different things. It’s an art and I feel like all art connects.”


Who is your mentor & how have they helped you?


“I never had a mentor l. I never had anyone take me under their wing and show me the way. I’ve had to find the way, on my own. That causes a lot mistakes, but you get up, you learn and keep goin.”


What are your expectations & hopes being managed by KMA Productions?


“I hope I can be pointed in the right direction and guided. I don’t want to be told what to do but how to do it . I hope for KMA Productions to help me grow.”


What ep have you put out that you like the most & why?


“I’ve put out one EP and on the way of releasing my first mixtape. I’m very excited for my new project and this new project will be what I like the most.”

Marc Vezzy


Marc Vezzy:



How do you see yourself standing out of the crowd of young up & coming artists?


“Well my charisma alone is different from anyone i know or have seen. I’m not afraid to turn up. I can network with anybody and have a way with people as well in a positive way. Im one of a kind and i got something people need which is dope energy! When I step in the room you gone know it. I want the world to meet Marc V cuz i know i got what it takes to make it and make a difference in someones life!”


What or who got you into music & where do you see it taking you?


“My cousin had produced a song when we were kids and i wanted to do the same thing and its been like that ever since. I see it taking me to places ive never thought of going. I see it changing not only my life but my families as well.”


Who is your mentor & how have they helped you?


  1. Who is your mentor and how have they helped you?


“I honestly say God is my mentor and he’s helped me my whole life and I’m gonna continue to let him for the rest of it as well. I put everything in his hands because he is the man with the plan.”


What are your expectations & hopes for being managed by KMA Productions?


“I expect a good long as a beneficial relationship for both sides. I want to make an impact on the industry with the right people. I know if KMA can work with me and guide I can do that.”


What ep have you put out that you like the most & why?


“I have an EP dropping August 13th titled “Young King Powda” and that by far is my favorite project due to what i was talking about and the production. Its bound to be a classic in my opinion!”

 Dr. Kofi Holla Marquis Aboussa


KMA Production is under the holding of KMA Seattle Management Group which was just invested with $2.5 Million Dollars coming from Dr. Kofi H Aboussa’s $4.5 Million Dollar net worth with Frazier Management Group inc. located in Louisville, Ky. With the help of KMA Production a lot of these artist will be paying very little money for their manager and services by KMA but will still get the full assistance of this Academy up & coming team that will be on their way to the 2022 BET Awards along with 4 of their artists. Wishing them luck on their journeys are KMA’s CEO Dr. Kofi H Aboussa who is well on his way to a $12.3 Million Dollar net worth as he invests in more companies & continues his work in policy & development. Show your support to these artists by following them on all socials and sharing their work with your peers.

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