Keep your single status before you meet someone who suits your Myers-Briggs personality type.

ENFP is a personality type that is characterized

Stay single before you find someone who makes your curiosity over your next idea, your day, or something else feel like something to enjoy rather than suppress.


Wait before you find someone who can let you dream about the millions of thoughts that are always going through your head, even though they don’t all sound feasible. Wait for someone who won’t restrict your rights, but who won’t be afraid to be your rock and softly pull you back to life every now and then.


Stay single before you find someone who isn’t afraid to argue with you about something, whether it’s urgent or just for the fun of it.


Wait before you meet someone who can see right through your vanity but finds your charisma charming, if not irresistible. Wait before you find someone who supports your plans and proposals and is able to go over and beyond to assist you in bringing them to fruition. Someone who is self-assured enough of themselves to do their own thing while allowing you to do yours, even though you end up having to do it together because they save life from being dull.


ESFJ is an ESFJ personality type.

Stay single before you find someone who has their act together and isn’t afraid of commitment—someone who won’t take advantage of your generosity.


Wait for someone who genuinely appreciates the whole-hearted commitment you put into a relationship rather than chasing after someone unattainable in the hopes of taking care of them. In the other hand, wait for someone who is perceptive enough to notice that you are too preoccupied with taking care of anyone else around you to rely on yourself—and who can step up to the plate to take care of you as well. Someone who not only makes you feel needed, but also makes you feel desired.


bring your brilliant talent to the surface, where it belongs.


INFP (Introverted Inquisi

Stay single before you meet someone who isn’t afraid of, but fascinated by, your extreme emotional potential.


Wait before you find someone who understands that you can have your head in the clouds for hours on end and doesn’t think it’s a problem. Someone who understands that you can be a little erratic at times, but is still ready to welcome you back to earth and assist you with keeping your feet on the ground when necessary. Don’t settle for someone who is closed-minded, who sees the universe from only one perspective, but rather someone who is able to stand back and consider alternative perspectives. Wait for someone who can encourage you and allow you to express your amazing creativity.


Someone who is enthralled with your allure, but not too much that they can’t step away to try anything else if necessary. Wait before you find someone who sees your spontaneity as a strength rather than a weakness you need to overcome. Don’t settle for someone who, out of envy or possessiveness, wants to keep you from being friendly, but is able to join your social circle and watch you excel in one of the many ways you succeed.


ENFJ is a form of personality.

Stay single before you find someone who values your compassion and doesn’t take it for granted.


Someone who understands that you have the ability to feel when someone is having a challenge but isn’t offended when you do.


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