Jewellery Designs That Will Steal Your Heart

There aren’t many occasions that call for us to dress up. However, we can make any occasion enough to wear our best dresses and feel glamorous within ourselves. A huge part of glamming up and styling are accessories. Most of us women start collecting these from our younger ages. Be it hairbands, clutches and bags, to watches, to Jewellery, accessorizing goes a long way in adding the oomph factor to our outfits. Most girls and women have all of these but ask us our favorite, and we’ll mostly say jewellery!


Accessories, particularly Jewellery come in different designs. When we pick them out for ourselves, we would want to have the option to choose from a range of different products so that we can find one best suited to our requirements. Jewellery designs at Melorra and unique, trendy, and can be customized to fit different occasions. This popular brand is a one-stop shop for its female customers as it gives us all that we need – necklaces, pendants, rings, chains, nose-pins, you name it. The latest gold bangle designs are also available here. Bangles need not always be traditional. They can be stylish and chic too. Several women also wear bangles and wrist ornaments with formals, jeans, and even party dresses. Different designs can be paired with western outfits. The traditional Indian outfit, of course, can always be decked up with bangles in each hand.


Shop from the range of Jewellery designs – Jewellery products do not necessarily have to be traditional-looking and bulky. Their look largely depends on their design. Thankfully, with the newer trends setting in, designers have adapted their Jewellery styles as well. No outfit is complete without Jewellery. Some women like to change their earrings, some wear necklaces on different days, some pair their outfits with rings. Furthermore, we also have the option of switching from gold to diamond to sapphire to platinum or gems depending on our budget, preference, and style.


Find the best bangles in gold – Bangles are trendy. They come in different designs and looks that we can add even to our daily wears. The range of bangles varies from pure gold ones to shades of gold such as rose gold or even white gold. The uniqueness of this brand is what sets it apart from the others. Additionally, even among gold bangles, there is a wide variety of options – gold kadas, open-top, oval-shaped, cuffs, and even colorful gold bangles are available. These bangles are lightweight and easy on the pocket.


It is no secret that women love Jewellery. These pieces are often conversation starters and create bonds among people. The value they hold, therefore, is so much more than just accessories. Jewellery shopping from our favorite brand is now pleasing to the eyes as well as the wallets! Browsing through Jewellery is now possible via the online catalogs offered by the brand. So, what’s stopping you? Get online and check out the finest pieces of Jewellery that go with the latest trends to make your outfit and day more dynamic.

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