Influence of nakshatras in Vedic astrology

According to Vedic astrology, nakshatras play a leading role in your horoscope. The nakshatras decide the destiny and characteristics of a person. A deity governs each Nakshatra. To understand the powers of the nakshatras, you can consult with the astrologers in Nagpur. You can search for the best astrologers in Nagpur online.

Here we list necessary information about the nakshatras and their powers to control your horoscope.


  • Aswini:Aswini is governed by Aswins, the twins. Aswins have the power of healing, and Aswini is the life-giving Nakshatra. Aswininakshatra has the power of speed, energy and electrical force. This Nakshatra involves good power of hearing and attention.


  • Bharani: Yama, the God of death, rules the Bharaninakshatra. This Nakshatra is considered to take away a thing from life. It generally varies the soul from the body to the realm of the ancestors. It guides the soul to the astral plane to experience karma and prepare for the life to come. Bharani has the power to change your life and cut off negativity from you.


  • Krittika:Krittika is supreme by Agni, the God of fire. Kritikka has the power to burn and purify. KartikaNakshatra is burned the contaminated and nourishes toward purity. Kritikka also cuts off negativity from our surroundings.


  • Rohini: the lord of creators, Prajapati, rules this Nakshatra. This Nakshatra has the power to grow and cherish. The above basis of Rohini is planted, and the lower basis is water. This Nakshatra is meant for growth and creation. But this Nakshatra also creates desire and jealousy. If a person can control this Nakshatra, he will prosper in life.


  • Mrigashira: Soma, the God of the Moon, is the lored of this Nakshatra. This Nakshatra has the power to fulfil our life and make them more attractive. The above basis is an extension, and the lower basis is weaving. It has the power to bring joy and light to our life.


  • Ardra: Ardra is ruled by Rudra or Shiva. The effort is the power of this Nakshatra, and the upper basis of Ardra is hunting or searching. The lower basis in achieving the goal is to provide success in life. Shiva is the hunter of knowledge and wielder of the bow of knowledge.
  • Punarvasu: Aditi, the Great Mother Goddess, rules this Nakshatra. It has the power to gain wealth or substance. Its basis above is the air. Its basis below is rain that represents wetness.

Punarvasu consists of creative and healing powers relative to herbs and trees. It is considered to be the Nakshatra of fertility.


  • Pushya: Pushya is the supreme power of Brihaspati, the God of wisdom. Its basis above is sacrificial worship, and the basis below is the worship of the divine power. These create spiritual energy.

Pushya inspires spiritual or religious power and sacrifice. It leads to teaching, connection with the guru, ritual and devotion.

  • Aslesha: Aslesha is a nakshatra that is ruled by the serpent God. It has the power to protect from poison.

AsleshaNakshatra destroys the enemy, but it creates inimical temperament as well.


  • Magha: Ancestors are the rulers of this Nakshatra. Mourning stays at the above basis, and Its basis below leaves the body. Magha grants the blessing of one’s ancestors and the ability to communicate with them in the soul. It suggests that we must honour our ancestors and ancestral powers.


  • PurvaPhalguni: PurvaPhalguni was ruled by Aryaman, the God of contracts and unions, though later the power shifted to Bhaga, the God of happiness. It has the power of procreation. Its basis above is the female partner. The basis below of this Nakshatra is the masculine partner. Together they created the foetus.


  • Hasta: Hasta inspires us to achieve goals. Such goals are generally creative. Savitar, the ruler of Hasta, also inspires the practice of Yoga and enlightenment Of soul.


  • Chitra:Chitra grants manifold progeny and gains good karma that comes through righteousness. It also has spiritual energy and effect.


  • Swati: Swati gives us freedom of motion and travel and can do what we want in life.


  • Vishakha: Vishakha grants glory and prominence


  • Anuradha: Mitra, the Divine Friend, rules it and gives the power of worship. Ascension is the basis of this Nakshatra. From these, we gain honour and abundance.


  • Jyeshta: Indra, the ruler of the Gods, rules it. It has the power to give priority and potency over others and overcome all obstacles.


  • Revati: Revati creates abundance and nourishment. It helps people in their efforts and hard work. Pushan is the lord of cattle and paths. He leads, protects and gathers the herd in their movement and pastures. He also protects the soul in its journey to the world after death. This Nakshatra promotes fertility and growing prosperity in life.


There are also many nakshatras other than these. If you want to know in detail about these, you must contact an astrologer. They will surely give you a more central idea regarding the role of nakshatras in your horoscope.

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