Different Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Daily Life

Different Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Daily Life


The most beautiful organism blooming in nature is flowers. From their form to colour to fragrance, everything about flowers is pretty and pleasing. Whether flourishing in an expansive garden or arranged in a bouquet, flowers are a sight to look and behold. However, more than beauty and charm, flowers have so many benefits to offer. 

The tender petals of the flower have innate properties for the well-being of the home and human health. Making flowers a part of your daily life can prove to be beneficial. Here we are, with different ways to include flowers into your daily life. 

  1. Flower Vases: Many of you like to keep flower vases at home. Flower vases make for beautiful decor pieces. Many people keep artificial flowers in vases. But, fresh flowers are beneficial to keep at home. The fragrance of flowers will keep the aura of your home fresh and pleasant. Some flowers like gerberas keep the air clean and help in insomnia. Peace lily flowers, too, are serene and are air-purifying. 
  2. Skin and Hair Pack: Keep your skin and hair healthy naturally. The cosmetic industry uses flower oil in its face packs, creams, and other beauty products. Nurturing flowers in your backyard is a natural way to reap its skin and hair benefits. Hibiscus is an excellent flower for skin and hair nourishment. Water extracted from the rose acts as a cleansing agent and toner. You can spray lavender water or oil to calm the facial tissues and nerves. 
  3. Garnishing Dishes: Flowers are edible too! Some of the flower varieties like rose, marigold, chamomile, lavender, zucchini blossom, violets, nasturtiums, pansies; all are used for garnishing dishes and drinks. Some of them are used as flavouring agents and sources of natural colour. Flowers are also used to decorate cakes or make popsicles. 
  4. Accessories: Floral accessories are making a trend these days. Brides and bridesmaids are swooning over fresh and colourful flower accessories. You can also make floral accessories at home or get them from a market. You can put flowers on your hair. Complement your bun, braids, or any hairstyle with fresh flowers like baby breath, roses, orchids, carnations. 
  5. Teas: Flowers have been used to make flavourful teas. Jasmine, Chamomile, Lavender, and bee balm are a few popular flowers used to make tea. Flavourful and aromatic teas are soothing for the brain and soul. There are numerous health benefits of teas as well. You can make yourself if you have flowers at home or in the garden. 
  6. Arts and Crafts: Creative genies know the importance of flowers. Floral creative and decorative pieces are not new. People who like arts and crafts keep creating them. Don’t throw bouquets or dried flowers; instead, create something from them. You can make resin jewellery from pressed flowers. A lot of innovative ideas are there on the internet for you to try and create. 
  7. Medicines: Flowers have natural healing properties. You can use flowers to make medicines. Chamomile, Lavender, Santonin, Calendula flowers can be put into medicinal uses. You can extract oils, grind them into a paste or directly use them to heal wounds and other ailments. 
  8. Dyes: Flowers are colourful and used to make dyes. Depending on the colour of the flower, you can make dye—for instance, yellow dye from calendula, red from roses, purple from orchids and lavender. Natural Holi colours are also made from dried and wet flowers. 

Apart from beauty and fragrance, flowers have a lot of advantages and uses. Reap all by making them a part of your daily routine. You can order flowers in Mumbai, or have flowering plants at home from any florist providing deliveries in Mumbai or the city you reside.

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