Importance of Video Conferencing Solution for Businesses in COVID-19 Situation

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has made digital platforms the most important part of our daily life, isn’t it? Countries across the world are taking all necessary steps to ensure that they are prepared to face the challenges and threats posed by the growing pandemic of the coronavirus. During this pandemic situation, the concept of Work from Home (WFH) (basically in the IT industry) has now become a household term. Social gatherings of all sizes and shapes are quickly moving online. Even bigger brands like Facebook, Google, and Salesforce have asked their employees to work from home.

As most of the employees are working from home, video conferencing has become an integral part of daily life. Digital video and data connectivity has emerged as an essential workplace solution in the prevailing scenario due to which, almost all organizations are resorting to digital platforms for their routine functioning. 

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Benefits of Video Conferencing System

The conferencing solution is not a new concept. It has been in use for a long time by businesses to connect with each other seamlessly without worrying about time and distance. Earlier the key reason behind using video conferencing solution is that the solution allows businesses to communicate with peers, partners, and other business professionals instantly and cost-effectively. Other benefits of this solution include:

  • The video conferencing system is an advanced tool to augment the virtual conferencing experience for businesses and enterprises.
  • The conferencing solution development provides a robust and consistent communication tool that lets business professionals connect with each other from any nook and corner of the world.
  • With this solution, business professionals can have a sense of face to face meetings without traveling anywhere.
  • The solution helps in removing all communication hurdles so that the management and their staff can collaborate in real-time to discuss projects and other business agendas at any time, from anywhere.
  • The conferencing solution can also be used to conduct video broadcast sessions, online seminars, product demo, and more.
  • As a result of improved communications through video conferencing, participants are more in sync, decisions can be made faster, which further results in increased productivity.
  • The mobility offered by cloud-based video conferencing positively leads to employee retention. The work from home system allows employees to have a better work/life balance. It also alleviates the cost of commuting, while allowing remote employees to have close relationships with team members, as video’s real-time face-to-face interactions are more affluent than any alternative to in-person meetings.
  • The video conference can be conducted from the comfort of home, office, or desk. All you need is a system with a webcam or a Smartphone with a front camera and internet access.
  • No additional charges for calls or no expensive hardware devices are required to conduct the video conferences.

In the current scenario, conferencing solution development has gained a lot of hike. In fact, it has reached the stage where it is viewed as a necessity. The growing demand for video conferencing solution is making it broadly available. With the use of cloud-based video software that allows for cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility, companies can effortlessly meet their expanding communications needs.

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Video conferencing is conducted over the internet by connecting video conferencing systems in conference rooms with personal devices such as laptops or mobile devices. Since mobile devices are being used largely for video conferencing, it would be correct to say that video is the future of mobile communications. As a result, MNVOs (Mobile virtual network operators) are becoming more and bigger widespread these days. Whether you need to keep in touch with friends and family or have to conduct important business conversations, people prefer video as compared to voice. With the growing demand for mobile communication, many companies that provide software services and customized IT solutions are offering their services to enable MVNO and OTT companies to offer new, exciting services to their user base. 


Looking at the continuing spread of the coronavirus pandemic, this situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. In this tough phase, video conferencing platforms are boosting both social and professional solidarity. Moreover, due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness, video conferencing is becoming a core enterprise collaboration tool

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