Importance of Astrology in Marriage

We have looked up to astrology for help in many aspects of our lives, so why not make a monumental decision such as marriage? Astrology has been one of the most important deciding factors in Indian history as far as marriage is concerned. Kundli matching the bride and groom is done to see how compatible they would be after marriage. So why is Astrology this important in marriage?


Importance of Astrology in Marriage


According to Hindu customs, horoscope matching is very important for a marriage. Parents want to analyze the bride and groom’s horoscope to see if their star suits the wedding. The traditional belief is that Venus symbolizes the horoscope groom, and Jupiter symbolizes the horoscope bride. To identify compatibility, there are 36 Guna in astrology. At birth, the position of the stars and the time of conception determine the fate of the child. From time to time, these produce doshas like Mangaldosha and Shani Dosha. By analyzing horoscopes, you can find out if your marriage is too late or too early. The seventh house on the natal chart shows marriage and relationships.


The Three Ganas


According to Vedic astrology, there are three game types, and this gana is important for a marriage. They are Devagana, Manushagana, and Rakshasa. There are two types of horoscopes, favorable planets, and unfavorable planets. Preferred planets such as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are the reasons for early marriage. But negative planets like the Sun, Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangara), Rahu, and Ketu are the reasons for the late marriage.


The Necessity of Astrology in Marriage


Even the first-rate marriage counselor globally can’t deny the impact of Astrology on relationships. The look at astrology presents many records approximately the well-being of couples, taking their zodiac into account. But right here, we intensify some requirements of Astrology before marriage.


The first necessity of Astrology earlier than the wedding is to test the compatibility between the 2 sides. In Astrology, the trade of Kundli is one of the required methods wherein each the events trade respective Kundli of each the bride and groom. In the method, the astrologer in USA broadcasts the percentile of compatibility.


Secondly, the significance of zodiac signals and their attributes when it involves marriage, it’s far away that the in-legal guidelines are very much involved in approximately the happenings of their zodiac signal. The zodiac signal earlier than marriage will become a prima-facie to a relationship.




Horoscopes may have doshas and yogs that are detrimental to their range of influence. Some of the most common “Doshas” are “Kuja Doshas,” commonly referred to as “Manga Doshas,” “Rahu Doshas,” and “Salpadoshas.” Apart from these, there are other aspects related to Dosha and horoscopes related to the two yoga. Often, these doshas and yoga are very important to those involved. If not treated properly, they can cause further confusion and confusion in an individual’s life. There are also positive and influential Dosha and Yoga. They tend to change the individual’s behavior, and as a result, it affects the well-being of the individual couple.


There are doshas like Manglik that need to be treated before marriage. Astrology recommends certain fruitful steps to be undertaken to avoid the unprecedented and horrific events that occur after tying a knot. Astrology requires rituals and pujas to be performed to overcome such problems.


Kundli Matching


Kundli matching has been considered one of the most crucial elements of Indian marriages for ages. Although many modernists deny this ritual’s significance, astrology has a legitimate basis to show that horoscope matching is certainly an essential step earlier than subsequently getting hitched to someone even in love marriages.


Many elements of married existence may be expected and issues prevented with the assistance of horoscope matching. Vedic astrology strongly recommends matching horoscopes to keep away from any important trouble withinside the future.

The first motive for kundali matching via means of call consistent with astrology is to check the intellectual and bodily compatibility of the couple in question.


This consists of each person’s attitude, mindset, temper, and behavior, which can be the fundamental premise of a successful marriage. Physical appeal is likewise measured to understand whether or not there may be enough degree of desirability for a successful, long-lasting relationship.

Kundali matching is likewise crucial to understand that motion of planets in one’s horoscope isn’t hindering or harming the professional increase and development of the alternative person. Bhakoot the 7th guna shows this effect.


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