IGPANDA is the best Instagram video download tool 2021

What is IGPANDA?

IGPANDA is a free tool that helps you as an Instagram user to download any video, image, or IGTV within a few moments to your phone or computer. It is not just one of the best Video downloading, but the best Instagram video downloading tool.


For the steps


If you have a pc or phone on an android system

  1. Open google chrome browser
  2. Write the link IGPANDA
  3. You will be directed to the page


If you have an iPhone or a Mac laptop

  1. Open Safari as a browser
  2. Write the link IGPANDA
  3. You will be directed to the page



Where to find the link to the Instagram video you want to download 

  • Click on ( … ) to get the link to the video you want to download
  • Press the copy link on the list


  • Now, you got your link
  • How to use IGPANDA in Instagram video downloading?

  • First, open your browser as you always do. Then open our link IGPANDAor just press here.
  • After opening the link, a page like so will appear to you
  • Copy the link of any Instagram video and paste it in the square here, and press download
  • Here is your Instagram video downloaded as you wanted


Caution: downloading any personal video or picture out of any personal profile is for your personal use only and not to be shared.


Why use the IGPANDA Instagram video download tool?

  • IGPANDA Instagram video download is completely free of charge
  • You don’t need to download an app or be bothered by the continuous need for an update
  • It is fast working. It won’t crash on you.
  • It is considered one of the best Instagram video download
  • It downloads any video you want with the highest resolution available for that video (the maximum resolution for an Instagram video is 1080p
  • The downloaded videos will be in MP4 form
  • The Instagram video download tool is an available feature for both devices; android or macOS systems.
  • IGPANDA Instagram video download consumes barely any time. But that all will depend on your internet connection.
  • In addition to there is no limit on how many videos you can download per day.
  • There is no waiting period in between downloads either.
  • IGPANDA Instagram video download tool has other advantages like the ability to download images, profile pictures, reel videos, IGTV, carousel type video, and pictures
  • All of these features and more at a top speed
  • The whole process may take less than 1 minutes
  • It is available in multiple different languages, so it is fairly easy for a lot of people of different nationalities to use it in their native languages.



A gentle reminder, however, this IGPANDA Instagram video download tool gives you the ability to download any video or image you want. It doesn’t give it to you copyright-free. So, a warning, do not share these videos or try to pass them as your own. Legally, you could get sued for it.






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