I Was Partially At Fault For Accident- Can I Still Pursue Compensation?

The law allows the victim to get compensation in a car accident. However, situations may change a little bit if you were partially at fault for the mishap. Often in road accidents, the responsibility is shared by both parties. But, do not be saddened as you can still recover compensation as long as your percentage of fault is under 51%. 


If you have suffered an accident where multiple parties seem responsible, you may need the assistance of a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer to effectively handle various insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve.


Can I still get damages if I was partially at fault?

If it was partially your fault, you might still be able to recover damages if your percentage of blame is equal to or less than the other party. Courts and insurance companies use facts and analyze various aspects of the accident, research evidence and talk to witnesses before assigning a certain percentage of blame to both parties. You will receive compensation according to your portion of the fault


For example, suppose the total damages incurred by you from the accident is worth $10,000, and you were 60% at fault in the accident. In this case, you won’t receive the entire compensation amount. 60% of the total amount will be deducted from the other party’s insurance and then given to you. Therefore you will receive $4,000 compensation. 


However, if you are more than 51% at fault, you won’t receive any compensation at all. 


What do I do after a car accident where I was partially at fault?

When you suffer from a car accident, it is natural to panic and feel that you were at fault. Remember that not everyone will have the same perspective of the accident as you. The other driver and witnesses may have their own versions of the story. 


Make sure you do not admit guilt immediately after the accident. Do not make any statements to the police or the other driver without consulting a car accident attorney. This is because, in many cases, you may think you were at fault, but you may be innocent according to other people’s opinions. Therefore, try to maintain minimal contact and avoid sharing details of the collision with people who may use it against you in court. 


How to get help

Auto accidents that involve potentially shared faults can be tricky to deal with. To ensure you do not get an unfair percentage of blame, you need to work with a skilled car accident lawyer to protect your rights. 

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