How will you be remembered forever

Finding a DJ name that will be remembered forever is not easy. But probably. We will tell you how to do it so that mix edm under your name will be known and loved by millions of fans.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you want to be off deck at the trendiest clubs in the world, or if you’re happy with your friends’ birthdays. Your DJ name is always a kind of calling card. In certain circles, it may even be advantageous to choose infamous or even obscene names. In general, though, you’ll be reaping a head shake rather than an endorsement from the general public. Therefore, if you want to achieve high goals, you must radiate seriousness when choosing a name.

A real star cult is practiced around some DJs. And it also awakens in many people the desire to become a DJ. In the past, a DJ needed two turntables, a mixer, headphones and loads of records, which wasn’t available to everyone, but these days it couldn’t be easier to get started. With a cheap controller that connects to a PC or laptop, you can take the first steps – and achieve the first results.

This means that there are a lot of DJs and those who would like to become them. To stand out from this crowd and make a difference, these days a DJ has to bring the complete package. The complete package, so to speak. This means that a DJ should always present himself as a little “bigger than life”. In addition to the right outfit and style, this also includes the necessary stage presence. Simply put, a DJ is especially popular when all the women in the club want to go out with him and all the men want to have a beer with him. There are now countless examples that are successful, despite the rather unfortunate name. They are not because of this, but nonetheless. So if you don’t want to create unnecessary roadblocks to a competitive business, you should look for a DJ name that emphasizes the necessary “total package”. So let’s look at the possibilities that exist.

Finding the perfect DJ name – these requirements must be met. Really good DJ names meet a number of requirements. If you want to be remembered forever, you should keep this in mind when choosing a name. We have compiled the most important requirements for you in a practical overview.

Easy to remember. There is nothing worse than something so unwieldy that your colleague forgot about it after five seconds.

Ease of writing. If you don’t want to read five different spellings of your name in the first five concerts.

High degree of recognition. Ideally, the person you’re talking to calls right away.

positive associations. People should associate your name with something positive. On your way to fame, most of your “job interviews” take place in clubs. It’s loud there. Therefore, your DJ name should be easy to understand or hard to misunderstand. We offer you several options for searching for your own DJ name.

Option #1: Use your real name. Previously, this may have been considered not very creative. In fact, many successful DJs use their real names these days. Or at least a modification of it if the real name does not meet one of the requirements just mentioned.

Option #2: If you don’t use your real name, people will always ask you, “How did you come up with that name?” Being able to tell a cool story will make the whole thing even more interesting for your fans later on.

Opportunity #3: Come up with a fantastic name. Whether or not you choose a name that fits perfectly with the music scene you’re in. Or whether your DJ name serves a particular image associated with your scene. There is no limit to creativity.

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