How to select an oxygen machine?

Many patients go to the hospital to see a doctor, some doctors will actively recommend oxygen machine to patients, and some patients need to buy machines. I hope doctors can help recommend good products.

Erwazi’s father, who had been in the hospital for seven days and was recently ready to leave the hospital, planned to buy one. The doctor recommended an oxygen machine. Swazi thinks the price is a little higher. Out of his trust in the doctor and the high price, he was told that the money was not easy and he was still doing his homework before buying.

He first learned about the information on the Internet, then went to the drugstore, and finally found a medical equipment store in the alley, where a variety of products were sold. I don’t know which one to choose?


Understand the living conditions of doctors and make money

Why should I understand that? Because you only know the doctor’s profit effect, you know the weight of the device recommended by the doctor in their heart.
From the perspective of doctors and patients recommending products, there are two situations.

No refund:

  • New doctor: soon after arriving at the hospital, he did not establish a firm foothold, nor was he familiar with the process and interpersonal relationships.
  • Famous doctor: well known, registration fee 500 yuan. It is concerned about reputation and justice, not about money.
  • Strict policy: hospital management is strict and doctors are not allowed to receive kickbacks, especially the second year after the arrest of the president and director is a period of strict management.


There are kickbacks

Now, most doctors think it’s hard not to get kickbacks. Why? The performance of hospitals has improved, patients have become more and more intelligent, and the national medical policy is also constantly changing, which has squeezed the living space of doctors. A few times ago, I might have rejected medical representatives and equipment representatives for internal justice, and for a long time, it would have been damaged. Every day is very hard, I can’t earn much money, I’m sorry for myself. China’s top orthopedic doctors can earn 10 million a year. For example, the price of an artificial disc for surgery on a patient with lumbar disc herniation is 50000 yuan, and (medical equipment manufacturer) can give doctors a rebate of 10000 yuan. ”


The way for doctors to make money

Popularity always comes first. With the increase of popularity, more and more patients come here, which is more helpful for increasing the income of the hospital. If the research is done well, there are relationship backgrounds and management positions. It doesn’t matter. You can’t be promoted to management. It’s good to take the expert route. The general principle is to increase visibility, the title is the host, with these two, the other is taken for granted.


Do doctors recommend high income from oxygen machine?

Because of the huge income gap between the top three doctors, I have yet to find official figures. I can only take the average as an example.

  • Hospital income: if the attending physician’s income in the hospital is 20000 / month.
  • Equipment income: it is suggested to sell oxygen generator at the price of 400 yuan per month, 10 sets per month, and 4000 yuan per month.
  • Secondly, doctors suggest that the machine be used for different purposes and the impact on patients


Doctors without kickbacks

No interest and most doctors are busy, so they won’t recommend it in detail. First of all, from the perspective of medical risk control, we will give priority to recommend a large brand oxygen generator. In any case, the patient has to pay for it. The doctor suggested. You can’t afford expensive ones. If you want to buy something cheap, you can’t find me in the event of an accident.
There are also patients who seek medical advice from their doctors, but doctors will only recommend products they are familiar with. For example, hospitals produce many branded products, but they don’t tell patients their level of detail, such as how many liters to buy, how much oxygen concentration to reach, and what kind of cost-effectiveness. Patients will advise to surf the Internet and buy them in pharmacies and instrument stores near the hospital.


Doctors with kickbacks

If the income of doctors can guarantee (such as making money on time), the products of the cooperative medical equipment company will recommend. The high-profit model is the first choice. Some patients may wonder why the oxygen generator recommended by doctors is rarely sold outdoors, but the price is high?


There are two situations:

  • Good products
  • General products


These two types of oxygen generators are not available in the retail stores outside. The online retail prices are very high and can compare offline. Price control is very good, and the interests of doctors and sellers are the guarantee. The model recommends by doctors are usually well known, with few after-sales outlets and strong regional services. If the patient wants to use the oxygen generator in other places, the after-sales service is not convenient.


Compare the price, service, quality, and professional level between doctors and medical device stores.


Conscience medical equipment store


  • The same brand, the same model will be cheaper than online because the price is too transparent, usually lower than the online price.
  • Up to 1-3 cities

Service content:

  • Support express delivery, deliver goods to your door in the urban area, personally teach you how to use and maintain it. It is suitable for the new and old people to learn and use.
  • After-sale is timely, many shop owners will repair it by themselves.

Product quality:

  • It mainly sells medium and high-end brands, with high market awareness and a long warranty period.
  • The machine used for more than 3-5 years with a low after-sales rate.


  • Contact with equipment manufacturers throughout the year. For the name of accessories, technical parameters of each product, service life and troubleshooting methods will be more professional.
  • According to the patient’s symptoms, severity, and history, recommend products suitable for the patient.


Blackheart medical equipment store

Price of oxygen machine:

  • People order expensive.
  • I like to sell low-cost machines to satisfy my uncle’s mentality.
  • The brand is dominating Germany, which is actually a fake foreign brand. 4) The more small cities, the more opaque the price.



  • After-sales service is not timely, want to avoid
  • Need to pay the express fee

Product quality:

  • Products are uneven, many small manufacturers will let them act as agents.
  • With a high gross profit as the center, maintenance will continue to make money for you after the warranty period, although the price is cheap.

1) no professional knowledge of oxygen making machine.

2) From the perspective of selling products, from the perspective of nonpatient diseases.


Doctors with kickbacks


  • Equal to or higher than the market, the price is determining the medical equipment company.
  • Due to the opaque price of products, it is difficult for consumers to compare online with other channels.



  • Cooperate with doctors of most of the batch and partially operated medical device companies, and the doctor channel is only the company’s income. A small part of the revenue, so the service is not so details. The disadvantage is that the after-sales service is not timely.
  • Usually, we can’t find the company, so we can only find the doctor, but the doctor is very busy and will not reply in time.

Product quality:

  • The first thing doctors care about is whether they can get money, then how much, and finally the quality of products.
  • Due to the poor quality of the products, some dealers are also responsible for the after-sales service. Unless the dealer does not handle it properly and goes to the hospital so much, the doctor will take it seriously.


Doctors are the most professional doctors in medical treatment. They are a certain understanding of the equipment, but there is no distributor specializing in medical equipment. Retailers are so comprehensive that they will tell patients to buy the oxygen machine, but they won’t say how many liters and oxygen concentration they want to buy. Machine.

After all that, would you like to listen to the doctor or at the electronics store?

In summary:

If you focus on Service: you can choose a responsible professional oxygen machine retailer, who will provide you with professional advice. So, if you value the price: you can go online or read more of my articles to understand the knowledge of oxygen generators, and then compare the cost performance of various products online and offline, and some offline stores have more advantages in price, but this will be slow. If you are psychologically comfortable: give priority to the doctor. Many old people don’t believe in their children, so they believe in doctors. At the moment, I advise doctors to buy expensive things because they need them. If you want to take advantage of it: I hope you don’t choose black-hearted medical device retailers and fake promotion online stores, they will only use the products you want to buy at lower than market prices

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