How to Select a Best Custom Notebooks for Your Promotional Needs

With so many excellent Custom Notebooks to choose from, how do you choose the right one? Let’s take a look at some of the questions that might help you make the best decision.



What is the budget for your upcoming project? How much do you need? If you need $1000 and have a budget of $3500, you need to choose Custom notebooks in the range of $3 to $3.50. However, if your unit has a high budget and you want to pursue well-known journals, then you may choose well-known Moleskine journals. Whatever your needs, you can choose quickly and easily from the budget. Example of customizable journal budget


Art design skills

When designing artwork for a custom notebook, you need to consider the following. Is your work of art printed in monochrome, multicolor or four colors? In most cases, you can use monochrome or simple 2-color line art for embossing. Your company logo may be of a specific color, in which case you need to have a color stamp. Maybe your logo is not enough. Maybe you want to express your vision or goal for this year. The size of the imprint area varies from notebook to notebook, so when deciding which art to use, first find out the imprint or concave area of the item you choose. The concept of periodical art design


Choose the right style

What does your company do? What is the content of the activity? Are you a cutting-edge technology company that needs to convey modern fashion style? As a financial institution like a bank, do you need to show your conservative and solid foundation? When choosing a company gift, make sure it reflects your company. In addition to your company image, consider the recipient of the gift. If it’s for students – it’s better to be cool. If this is a seminar for the wealthy elderly – think about what kind of notebooks and diaries they would like. Are they mainly men, or women, or hybrids? Our choice will provide what you are looking for. Choose the right style for the right person


Customization method

Gravure printing is the most popular way for us to apply logos to notebook covers. This is the preferred method because it’s the most elegant form of customization… And the most durable. For indentation, we first make a metal mold for your logo, and then press the mold into the material to leave a lasting impression. This method does not apply colors. To be clear, embossing is a raised letter or symbol, while embossing is a depression of material. Embossed notebook is

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