How to revise for the NEET exam

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National Eligibility Entrance Test is a country wide exam conducted every year by NTA, National testing agency. The exam is conducted for admission to the prestigious state and centralized universities for MBBS, BVSc and BDS courses. The exam takes place every year in the month of May

NEET exam is popular and given by lakhs of aspirants. The competition of the exam is extremely high and one needs to be well versed with the subjects asked in the exam.

Preparing well for the exam and revising thoroughly are important to crack the exam. If you are a NEET aspirant make sure to check out how you can revise smartly for the NEET exam that will help you in easy revisions and better scoring 

Below mentioned are the easy ways to revise for your NEET Exam to ensure you are able to crack it. Read ahead to know more:-

Devote time to complex topics 

Acing the NEET exam requires having a robust conceptual clarity for almost all the concepts. To overcome your weak topics, it is best to dedicate some time every day to study and understand them. By doing this, you can see the difference in your preparation level. Next time, whenever you feel a topic is complex, start giving it a dedicated time every day 

Check NEET Question Papers

One of the effective ways to revise for the NEET exam is by going through the previous year NEET Question Papers. This not only helps in having thorough revision but also helps to understand the pattern of the NEET exam. Understanding the paper is beneficial as scoring good marks can become manageable. Also, you can judge the difficulty level of the exam and thus can take your preparation level accordingly. 

Take care of your health 

Appearing for any competitive exam is not at all easy. Facing a vast competition, preparing for the never-ending syllabus and cracking even the most challenging & twisted questions, everything about the competitive exam is a challenge to face. Gearing up for NEET requires having good health, which can only be achieved by taking a balanced and nutritious diet. Exercising regularly and doing yoga can also prove beneficial in providing calming effects to the mind and body

Chapter or topic wise mock tests

Start by learning the topic thoroughly. Once done, you can proceed with self-assessment on it. Try attempting the mock test or practise question sets. This is the best way to revise. All topics get covered in this method of revision. After attempting the mocks, you can review your performance. The result of mocks and practice sets will give you instant clarity on your present level of preparation. You can fix your problem areas as well with this technique of revision. Also, knowing your strong topics is always an added benefit in competitive exams like NEET 

Make your strong subject more strong

The subject that you love and score well at is the subject that can help you fetch the most numbers. In your revision session, don’t leave your strong subjects for the last moment. It is safest to always revise even for the subject and topics that you have already aced. Try attempting the more difficult and complex questions from the subject. This will help you to boost your confidence, and at the same time, this will only enhance your preparation level. 

Make a formula notebook for Physics & Chemistry

For physics, you can make a formula notebook. This will be helpful in last-minute revisions. Having a list of all formulas helps to have a proper and thorough cramming of the formulas, which is needed when you appear for a competitive exam like NEET . You may also try to use this trick of formula revision for chemistry. You will not have to rush through your books again and again to find the formulas of Physics and Chemistry.

Make flow charts for biology

Biology includes the study of a lot of processes. Whether we talk about digestion, respiration, metabolic processes and other biological processes, Biology is full of processes vital to human life. One of the effective ways to learn all parts of these processes is by making clear diagrammatic flow charts. These flow charts will help you to learn the processes easily and will also help you to revise in a fraction of time.

Create diagrams for Botany

Diagrams with clear explanations are the best way to revise for Botany. For the plant and animal kingdom, this method of revision will save a lot of time of yours. You can also create tables and process cycles in your notes for better revision.

Appropriate study material.

Revision is only useful when you are revising the accurate study material and right content.  Having an appropriate and right study material has a huge role to play in scoring week in the NEET exam. The study material decides how well your understanding will be for the concepts. Study material based on the questions and concepts asked in the paper will prove to be more helpful. Always try to make notes for your exam based on the how and what is generally asked in the NEET exam. 

Practice and Practice 

Revision is all about practicing. The benefits of being consistent in practising are highly profitable. Practice definitely makes a man perfect. One of the significant ways to score good numbers is by making sure you will invest good time of yours in the practice session for all the subjects. Make sure your practice session has an array of questions taken out from varied topics. You can also opt practising va ia mixed bag of questions from all the subjects asked in NEET 


These tips are really beneficial for revising for your NEET exam. Try to give these strategies a try as they are absolutely reliable enough. The NEET exam is difficult so make sure that you keep yourself positive and motivated throughout. Do not give up as passing a prestigious exam like NEET is a big achievement to make. Also, try to stay healthy by incorporating fruits and healthy food. Also do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. Wishing you all the best for the NEET exam.