How to organize upper cabinets?

How to organize upper cabinets using NKBC

Well, it takes time to organize a busy kitchen. It is not that simple as it sounds, so take some time out of your schedule or use your weekends for this task. Like all kitchen cabinets, the upper section takes more time to manage due to the height factor. Also, having  NKBC cabinets means lots of storage space to clean and organize. So, stay tuned to get the best tips.


Before we get into the tips section, let’s see what we need to clean and organize your upper cabinets. First of all, clear your kitchen counter and every nook to create some space. Then, keep the dusters near you. In addition, make sure that you have got the cabinet dividers and liners. Also, keep a table or a movable cart nearby to shift your items onto it. 

Now, if your kitchen is ready to face the trial, move on to the next steps. So, here are some of the best tips on how to organize your upper cabinets. Read below:

  1. Take out all the items
  2. Decide what to keep in NKBC cabinets
  3. Use shelf liner in upper cabinets
  4. Store vertical and horizontal items separately
  5. Keep the glasses separately
  6. Keep the dry goods in airtight jars
  7. Place the daily use items at hand
  • 1. Take out all the items:

First things first, you have to clear the space in the upper cabinets. Take every item out one by one. Remember, you have a counter area. Now use all the space you have to place those things. So, take out every plate, cup, glass, jar, and mug. It is the best way to sort any corner of your kitchen. Also, use a sturdy ladder to pick the items from tall cabinets. Be careful throughout the process.

  • 2. Decide what to keep in NKBC cabinets:

No doubt,  NKBC cabinets have the best storage space, but use that space wisely. First of all, clean the place after taking all the stuff out of it. Then the next step is to decide what to keep in those upper cabinets. Well, you should put all the daily use items or serving plates and cups in them. In the same way, do not clutter the space again with more stuff. The key is to keep it minimal.   

  • 3. Use shelf liner in upper cabinets:

Using a shelf liner, small rack, or divider is a good idea. For this, measure the inner space of your upper cabinets. Then, buy a shelf liner/divider. In this way, you can divide the area into one cabinet. Now, use one section for plates and the other for cups or anything else. As a result, they won’t crack or chip.

  • 4. Store vertical and horizontal items separately:

For example, you have three or four upper cabinets. Chances are they will be vertical rather than horizontal. So, the tip is to make the most of your vertical storage space. First of all, you can use a hook to create freestanding storage. Put cups and wine glasses on a stand or a rack on the top of the cabinet. Also, use the rest of the space for plates. 

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In the same way, you can use another vertical cabinet for dishes and cutting boards. So, vertically place them based on the size and length. And use the horizontal area for linear items.

  • 5. Keep the glasses separately:

Well, if you don’t have a wine glass rack, keep them separately. It is the best idea to protect from any damages. Also, keep the glasses down low to organize better. Keep in nearby cabinets to reach them easily.

  • 6. Keep the dry items in airtight jars:

Most people use upper cabinets to put the spice jars in it. Well, that is a wise decision. In addition to it, put the crisps in airtight jars and place them in your upper cabinets. If you have glass door cabinets, use fancy jars to elevate the look of your kitchen. But, do not put the oil bottle in upper cabinets to protect them from oil stains.  Also, don’t forget to take some advice from experts like Kitchen Desing Gallery to maintain your kitchen’s beauty.

  • 7. Place the daily use items at hand:

The best way to organize your upper cabinets is to keep the daily use items at hand. So, use the most reachable cabinet for everyday items. It could be food, spices, coffee mugs, or anything. Similarly, use the top shelves to put rarely used items on them. In this way, you can make your place look cleaner and organized. So, no more wasting time on finding regular items.  


It might be time-taking to organize your  NKBC cabinets. Well, some tips, and you are ready to have well-managed upper storage. Start by clearing out all the unwanted stuff and decide what is essential. Then, use shelf liners to create more space. Also, use your vertical storage wisely. Hopefully, these tips will bring a fresh new look to your kitchen. Another way to improve your storage is to check out the latest cabinet designs at the kitchen design gallery. 

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