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How to monetize your programming skills as a beginner?

Are you a programmer looking for ways to make some cash while programming?  You have reached the right place! Keep scrolling to find out ways to monetize your skills online 😉

Beginners have a hard time monetizing their talents. Many of them are unsure where to begin or what to do with their abilities. It’s easy to get lost and waste time doing nothing, which is why knowing different ways to make your skills count is important.

You’re missing out big time if you’re a programming geek who isn’t making money online. Anyone who knows how to code in languages like C++, HTML, Python, NET, Java, and PHP can make money online. Although some people have a natural talent for it and can create working apps or websites in a matter of weeks, others would need to put in a lot of effort. No matter how brilliant a programmer you are, everybody starts with the same amount of money: zero.

Now let’s look at some of the ways you can make money with your programming skills, even if you’re just starting. We’ll talk about both direct and indirect methods. The direct methods will allow you to begin earning right away, while the indirect methods will ensure that you invest for the long term with an eye toward future development.


1.Start blogging

You don’t have to design software for a living as a beginner. There are many other options for sustaining and earning capital. Become a professional writer or a blogger is one of them.

Both methods allow you to put your talents to use and reach a global audience. Working as a writer is a great way to get good projects with good pay. For example, you can be required to write technical product documentation, specifications, and tutorials.

You can write about it as a blogger. You can opt to be a Java blogger and start a Java blogging website, or you can start a blog for front-end engineers if you are a front-end lover. It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

If you’re a programmer, you can still make money by starting programming skills related blog. As a programmer, there are several ways to monetize a blog:

  • Providing online coding training
  • Charging for premium content
  • Gaining money from affiliate ties


Freelancing is exploding in popularity. Although freelancing is a fantastic choice, it does necessitate more focus and patience than conventional work. To get started, you can use UpWork, HackerEarth, LiveEdu, and other online freelancing platforms.

Starting with sites like HackerEarth or LiveEdu is a good idea because you can practice, compete, broadcast your projects, and create your portfolio, allowing clients to look over your projects or watch your code in real-time.

You will find important prospective customers and work on projects that are tailored to your skill set if you have a better way to highlight your talents.


  1. How to monetize your programming skills as a beginner

WordPress is used by about a quarter of all websites on the internet. You can earn a lot of money if you design useful WordPress plugins and themes.

My mate, WordPress plugins are in high demand. I’m serious. Coding online is a perfect way to make money. This can be accomplished by creating a large number of WordPress apps using small modules such as plugins and themes.

You can render the plugin premium and charge users directly to monetize it… Alternatively, you can keep it free and monetize it through advertisements and donations.


  1. Become an online educator or sell courses.

Another way to make money for your programming skills is to become a computer trainer. In today’s environment, the teacher-to-student ratio is a major concern. Schools and universities, on the other hand, are gradually addressing the problem.

If you just want to work online, you can start by creating online courses and distributing them across various mediums or on your site. You can create Various python certification courses and python training courses, to begin with.

If you don’t want to build your blog or platform, here are a few places where you can teach online coding and computer science:

  • colleges and universities
  • Coding Bootcamp
  • online coding tutoring sites
  1. Become a python developer

One of the highest-paying works today is Python developer.

As a developer, you can earn up to $100k per year if you have advanced Python expertise.

Building websites and enforcing security and data protection protocols are only a few of the jobs available.

  • algorithms for data optimization
  • overcoming data analytics difficulties
  • Creating code that is reusable, effective, and testable
  • building websites

People with Python development skills are in high demand all over the world.


  1. Enter coding contests

Coding competitions are a perfect way to get paid for your coding abilities. The winners of most competitions receive large cash prizes.

Topcoder, CodeChef, HTML5Contest, and CallingAllInnovators are just a few of the most successful coding competitions. However, there are undoubtedly more.


There are three competition categories:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Data science

Aside from a nice pay, competitions like Topcoder provide online programs where networking is essential.

So not only do you get to compete and win big, but you also get to learn from other top competitors by looking at their code and mingle with big corporations looking for top coding talent.

It’s similar to professional sports in several ways. Except that there will be less running and more typing!


  1. Become Data Analyst

The Python programming language is used by data analysts and is used in machine learning.

Several businesses are still looking for AI and data analysts with Python skills to assist them in sifting through large volumes of data.

When you need to accomplish those things, Python libraries like Scipy and Pandas come in handy.


Take away

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how to get started you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for newcomers. You can work as a front-end programmer, a technical writer, an instructor, and a variety of other jobs. All you have to do is choose the course that most interests you and follow it until you succeed.

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