How to Mix Match Throw Pillows and Accent Chairs Easily

A home is a place of comfort and amenity. We should know how to make it more livable all the time. One way to do it is to have a proper blend and arrangement of materials.

Arranging things in our home requires a high level of creativity. It takes a proper blending of materials and decorations. Its colors and designs should match the appeal we want to achieve. 

Pillows and accent chairs are two of the most common materials in our home. The combination of these two gives ultimate comfort for us. But, putting it around the corner is not enough. 

The way we mix match throw pillows and accent chairs create an impact for our visitors. The appeal contributes to the pleasant atmosphere at home. 

We often accept visitors and offer them a sit after a long ride. We struggle sometimes, for we lack some accent chairs to offer. We can opt to buy accent chairs to use and reserve for some cases. 

One of the most FAQs is where to buy accent chairs. Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers the best amenity and quality of home products.

Why is it Important to Have a Proper Blend of Materials in Home?

Proper blending of decorations says a lot. It is important to create a place that is not only for comfort but also for compliment. It should not be too little nor too much in decorations. Balancing matches especially of pillows and accent chairs is important. Too little can make the surroundings look pale. Too much can make the surroundings look annoying. Thus, everything should be in balance. 

What are the Roles of Accent Chairs in Making Home Presentable?

Accent chairs offer a relaxing method. It makes the house more presentable, and it provides high amenities. They can stay around the corner. This could serve both as fashion and function. 

What are the Ways to Pick the Best Throw Pillows that will Suit our Accent Chairs?

Throw pillows give an accent chair the complete package to serve. They come in various designs, textures, and colors. It is in our hands how we will choose depending on our taste and interests. 

The following are the ways we can consider mixing match throw pillows and accent chairs.

  • Consider color-coding on throw pillows 

This is the first thing we should do, to plan the colors that we will select. It is usually a problem when the throw pillows we bought do not match with the color of our surroundings. 

We have to make sure that the colors already exist in our space so it will not destroy the blending of colors. When accent chairs are already present, this should be our first basis on the choice of colors to mix and match it. 

  • Select patterns that suit the design of accent chairs

To build cohesion, we must know how to choose patterns that will make the best appeal. This may come in various shapes, lines, or anything that is geometrical. Patterns could also be abstract or anything organic. We have to make sure that the patterns of design incorporate the color of the accent chair well. 

  • Consider the texture of the throw pillows

Texture can come in many forms. It can be soft, rough, or thick embroidery. Mixing and matching throw pillows with accent chairs with colors are not enough.  Collecting throw pillows with different textures is good. This offers a variety of purposes for visitors who have different tastes. 

  • Estimate the sizes of throw pillows

It should suit the size of the accent chair. This is something that requires logical thinking. Designs should match as well as the color. But we could not have something too small or too big for our accent chair. 

Still, balance is a must. The purpose of throw pillows is to elevate the capacity of the accent chair. But this would not happen if we will not consider the things that we need to do. 


Designing a home requires not only creativity. It also takes patience in considering what is best for the home. Throw pillows, accent chairs and even curtains contribute to the elegance of the home. We can opt to have the made to measure curtains by Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

In the end, it is still in our hands how well our home will go.

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