Marriage is not just about getting a husband or a wife for a lifetime. It’s about getting a partner with whom you will be sharing your days, nights, meals, success and failures till your last breath. 


Anniversaries are special and a milestone in the life of couples. It marks the end of one beautiful year and more to come. These days when breakups and divorces are so common, celebrating anniversaries seems an achievement. A successful married life cannot be achieved only from one end. Both need to put their efforts, love and patience in bringing out the best in each other and making their married life successful

So anniversaries need to be celebrated. After all, this day reminds you of all the ups and downs you both went through together and still made it till this day. While doing all this, it’s important to make each other feel special and make them realise that they are important to you. 

Both husband and wife have an equal role in making the marriage successful, yet we cannot ignore this fact that a woman goes through more than a man does. A woman leaves her home, her family, parents and comes to your home after marriage. She has to make various adjustments and compromises that a man doesn’t have to. So on anniversaries she deserves to be made to feel important and happy.

If you are the one who is looking for ideas on how you can make your wife happy, then here we have curated a list of some from which you can take inspiration.

Breakfast in bed-

Usually it happens that your wife makes breakfast for you and your family. But sometimes she even needs a break from the usual morning cooking routines. So at least on your anniversary you can cook breakfast for her and surprise her with the same while she is still in bed. She will feel privileged and happy.

Plan a surprise-

Women love surprises, and when it comes from their partner, it becomes even more special. So you can plan a surprise for your wife on your wedding anniversary. This can be anything from a romantic candle-lit dinner to a rooftop brunch, from planning a photography session for her or a cake ceremony. You can get online cake delivery if you order via online bakeries. Just keep in mind one thing that whatever you do, your wife should feel special and happy. 

Plan a trip-

Planning a trip in advance for your anniversary cakes is another way you can make her happy. You can make all the bookings in advance and wait for your anniversary to surprise your wife with the final tickets. You can plan this trip to her favourite location or even to some exotic or adventurous place to have some fun. This will give her a break from her normal regimes. 

Spend a day with her-

It becomes really hard to find time for each other in the hustle-bustle of life. Jobs, responsibilities, household chores and many other things keep us occupied all the time. So on your wedding anniversary take leave from your job and spend the entire day with her. You can cook together, watch movies or go for lunch or dinner, go on a walk etc. These things seem absolutely normal, but trust me, your wife doesn’t expect something exotic all the time from you, then only she will be happy. She just needs your time and love.

Give her a break-

With these busy responsibilities, a woman finds it difficult to take some time for herself. So on your wedding anniversary, you can ask her to take a break from all the responsibilities, work and household chores. You can book a spa and massage session for her so that she can feel good and can enjoy some moments alone. This day you can take over all her responsibilities and let her enjoy her company. 

Surprise gifts

Apart from all the things a gift is mandatory on anniversaries. Getting gifts for wives is not easy. So you need to start thinking about it before so that you don’t need to settle for less. You can also send gifts to India from the USA if you are there for some reason.  


So these were a few things you can do to keep your wife happy on your wedding anniversary. I hope you find these useful.

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