How to make your favor boxes attractive viral and helpful 8 tips

Wedding boxes and wedding favor bags are used in many countries and are given to the guests as a thanking note for arriving at their beloveds wedding or any party. A wedding favor box consists of sweets or dry fruits with sugar dices to thank the guests. Well in simple terms, it is a way to show a nice gesture towards the people who decided to attend the wedding. Favor boxes can be decorated or matched according to the theme of the occasion. Favor boxes can be made attractive with glitters or flowers such as paper flowers, roses, or lilies.

How to make these favor boxes attractive

Favor boxes can be made attractive with different ideas or you can also get these boxes customized as well. The best material one can opt for favor boxes is cardboard material because it is eco-friendly and can be decomposed easily.

The cardboard material can easily be molded into several other beautiful and trendy shapes. A cardboard material can be used without decomposing or releasing toxic substances that prove to be dangerous for people. Well, metallic boxes are also a great option to be considered favor boxes if your budget is good. These metallic boxes can be used later for other purposes but they can be rusted or show signs of corrosion if used for long.

8 ways to make these attractive favor boxes going and looking awesome

• The first thing you can do to make these boxes look top-class and attractive is that you can add lettered notes within the favor boxes. The letters can be placed over the boxes and one can add quotes of love and affection over it to make this look top class. Lettered favor boxes are commonly used over birthday parties.

• Another way of making these custom favor boxes look gorgeous is that you decide to turn these cardboard pieces into different shapes. Yes, that’s right. The favor boxes don’t need to appear to be a typical square shape box. You can turn or mold it into a rectangular shape or triangle shape. These different shape boxes look trendy and can easily be grabbed in your hands. Cardboard material is typically an ideal material option to make these favor boxes turn into different shapes and sizes. With metallic boxes, the shape remains the same. And cannot be molded into different shapes.

• Well if you are giving favor boxes over to some wedding there is a new trend going on and it is to add the faces of graphic illustrations of the couple over the favor boxes. Your theme and dresses chosen for the occasion can be printed over these boxes. This makes the boxes look more beautiful and this trend applied over the favor boxes is also going pretty viral.

• You can also go for simple punched favor boxes regardless of whatever the occasion is. Well in this case punch the favor boxes sideways and then remove the top, use scallop scissors to add on some edges, and finish it with the lining of gold tissue paper. Trust me this is going to look amazing and people are going to go crazy for it.

• Another option to make favor boxes look attractive is to create glassine favor boxes as well. You must opt for a planetaria way of styling box that has sweets or chocolates in it and this panetteria box must be wrapped within glassine. Make a top handle and apply glue in such a way that the guest can hold the box from the top and now you can add paper wine, tissue papers, or custom labels over it.

• Moving on to another top-level option is to make fabric or linen-based favor boxes for the occasions to attract customers. To give a gentle look all you need to do lightweight linen box, which must have the appearance of a square box. Now add two-affix fabric on both opposite sides, attach to the top of the box utilizing tape, bind these two fabrics together, and make a beautiful knot.

• The addition of ribbons is another great option to make the favor boxes look great. You can take ribbons of different colors, make a bow, and attach them to the top of the simple square or rectangular shape box with tape or glue.

• Flowered favor boxes are also an inn and pretty common. You can use paper flowers, roses, sunflower, or lilies for this purpose. Simply poke a flower over the top of the favor box and edge the top part and bottom with the ribbon of whatever color you like and add flowers or you can add a note to the favor boxes to make these look graceful. So this is indeed another style to make these boxes look graceful and gorgeous.

All these ideas are simple to use and apply. And you can also hire professional or DIY. Whatever choice matters and helps you, go for that to create graceful favor boxes.

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