How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Room

There isn’t a person who doesn’t enjoy spending the night and waking up in a fancy hotel room. But have you ever wondered why is that so? What makes the 5-star hotel room feel so magical that we never want to leave? Well, there are actually a few useful tips and tricks regarding the interior design of such a hotel room that you can easily copy to your own bedroom. Our bedroom should be the place where we relax and ease ourselves to a good night’s sleep. Good night’s sleep is essential for recharging our bodies and regenerating all the damaged cells. It helps us get well rested so we would be ready to face the challenges of the upcoming day. To be able to achieve it, you should start with the colour palette in your bedroom – for the most optimal results, the colours should be peaceful and serene. Next, for the ultimate lux feeling, you should upgrade the linens and use quality ones. Adding some fresh flowers and high-quality candles is always a good idea for creating comfort. Moreover, you should reconsider the window treatments and opt for warm lighting. Finally, you should aim for adding a final touch as well as some luxurious details. Read more about some little ways to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel.


1.   Use peaceful colours

The colour palette you use in every room of your home is essential, and especially for the bedroom, as you want to use soothing and soft colours that promote good sleep. For instance, a neutral colour palette is known to bring about a serene and peaceful state of mind. You can use colours such as pale blues, creamy whites, beiges, soft greens, and many others. The colour palette doesn’t refer just to walls – it refers to the use of colours generally. So, consider the window treatments and their colour as well as upholstery. Soft shades will surely make your bedroom feel like a safe space where you can unwind and escape from the hectic world outside.

2.   Upgrade the linens

The bed linens play a key role in bringing about a sumptuous vibe into your bedroom. The big, comfy bed is the central aspect of every cozy and pristine bedroom, together with the soft bed linens. So, to recreate the hotel experience, you should start with giving your bedroom a makeover. The sheets should be of quality materials, washed and pressed for the ultimate cozy feeling. One of the favourites is high-quality cotton percale. One simple trick that can truly bring about a good night’s sleep is to use a lavender linen spray while ironing it. And finally, to make the bed look more appealing, you should definitely consider topping it off with some nice quilt covers.

3.   Add some fresh flowers

Fresh flowers bring about something special to a room. They represent a touch of nature, which has soothing effects on us. So, to make your bedroom instantly fancy by incorporating some fresh flowers. Even though fresh flowers are a nice touch, if placed in every room of the house, they require maintenance. That’s why if you have to choose where in your home to place them, you should opt for the kitchen and the bedroom – they are the most effective there. Remember that you don’t have to go for expensive flower arrangements, simple flower bouquets also look pretty appealing. Also, stick to one type of flower – whichever is the season abundant in. Flowers with a gentle scent will act soothing on the environment.

4.   Invest in high-quality candles

Candles that have a nice scent can be pretty expensive, but they tend to last longer, for instance, the whole season. When it comes to spring, some of the popular scents include citrus, floral scents and fig, while scents such as sandalwood, firewood and cedar are more popular in wintertime. Instead of purchasing candles in the mall shop, try the cosmetics counter where you can find perfume houses that make amazing home fragrances in glass containers. You’ll see, the difference is quite notable. Consider the candles as an investment into your relaxation time.

5.   Reconsider the window treatments

One of the perks of the hotel experience is the ability to sleep in even though it’s a sunny day outside. What makes this so is the fact that the window treatments are quality and they prevent sunlight from entering the room. To recreate this experience, you should consider the window treatments in your bedroom. The key is to follow the hotel formula, which combines sheer curtains with a blackout layer for maximum room darkening. You can consider having blackout shades, roller, or norman that are custom-made for your windows. You should avoid heavy drapes that collect dust and lower your spirits.

6.   Opt for warm lighting

For optimal feeling in your bedroom, you should consider adding a few different sources of light. In that way, you can regulate it easily to your preferences. The light shouldn’t be too harsh or bright – it’s best to opt for soft and warm light. People usually choose sconces beside the bed, table lamps and overhead lights. All these lights aim to create a particular atmosphere and a variety of moods.

7.   Add a personal touch

What hotels tend to lack, and you can easily incorporate into your bedroom is a personal touch. Think about some things that you like, enjoy and believe are appealing and decorative. These things can easily show your personality through them. You can add any items that evoke joy and lighten up your mood. Pay attention not to create too much clutter.

8.   Pay attention to luxurious details

Nothing adds more to a luxurious feeling than some high-end details in form of artwork and other accessories. Think about what kind of details would fit in perfectly with your bedroom décor and add them.


Our bedroom should feel like a sanctuary, a haven, a place where we feel cozy and relaxed, and that’s why we should invest our time, money and effort into designing it to perfection.

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