How to Hire Big Data Developers in 2022

Decide how you will interact with Big Data analytics can help you save money, increase business efficiency, and improve the quality of your services. As the need for Big Data developers grows, hiring skilled specialists becomes increasingly difficult.

How can you discover a trustworthy technology partner who understands and meets your unique company requirements? And how can you find the best Big Data developers? Let us explore developers.

How To Hire Big Data Developers 

When it comes to picking a tech partner, there are numerous possibilities, making it tough to select the best one. However, following the guidelines below will make this procedure easier for you.

  • Examine Vendor’s Work History

Before you select a potential tech partner for your Big Data project, look into their previous experience with similar initiatives. Platforms like Clutch. co and Good firms should be your first port of call. They provide verifiable reviews from genuine clients who have worked with the firm you are thinking about working with.

A high number of reviews and a high overall score indicate that a company has adequate knowledge and will be a trusted asset for your next project.

  • Make Sure Your Vendor Can Scale Up Your Project

Big Data initiatives require a fast network and an efficient server infrastructure with sufficient computational capacity to function properly. However, because data keeps increasing, your infrastructure must be flexible enough to keep up with this increase.

As a result, ensure that your partner can assist you in scaling your solution. Cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP are very good at scaling Big Data solutions and are excellent alternatives to on-premise infrastructure. They offer effective solution scaling and cost reduction.

Inquire about your partner’s experience converting monolithic systems into microservices, as well as their skills in cloud development and DevOps. Solid experience in these areas is critical for cloud-scale Big Data solutions.

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  • Asses Security Plans

Every year, the loss of sensitive data due to security breaches costs billions of dollars. Because your potential partner will have direct access to your data, you must ensure that they have a good security plan in place.

In addition to adhering to recognized security standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, your partner must adhere to the most widely accepted best practices for secure data management.:

  • Using static code analyzers
  •  Caching data
  •  Encrypting data transmission
  • Evaluating third-party libraries for vulnerabilities.

How To Choose An Experienced Big Data Developers

A professional Big Data developer who will provide value to your project must be knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • BigQuery, Cloud Composer, DataBricks, Dataprots, EMR, Snowflake, and Synapse Analytics are examples of cloud systems.
  • Capability to keep older Maps
  • Java code should be reduced and rewritten using the latest Spark technologies.
  • Kubernetes structures for constructing Big Data CI/CD pipelines
  • Databases: SQL and NoSQL; Programming languages: Java, Scala, and Python;
  • Hadoop and Apache sparks are big data storage and processing platforms; Athena, Hive, and RedShift are big data mining tools.
  • Tools for real-time Big Data streaming include Apache Pulsar, AWS Kinesis, and Kafka.

How Companies Get Benefit From Big Data Analytics

Gogo is a global pioneer in connectivity and wireless entertainment. One of the issues that the organization faced before partnering with big data development was a lack of appropriate tools and professionals to handle their large amounts of data.

The companies supplied experienced Big Data developers who used DataOps approaches to streamline the organization’s data flow. This enabled Gogo to accurately predict equipment breakdowns and increase the quality of its services.

Where to Find a Partner for your Big Data Project

Eastern Europe has always been the go-to destination for tech partners who can deliver Big Data professionals. This is hardly surprising given the region’s large pool of over 75,000 Big Data developers. The majority are spread among five countries: Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic. Let’s inspect them one by one.

  • Ukraine 

Ukraine is the region’s largest country and has the most IT expertise accessible for outsourcing. Approximately 10.2K Big Data professionals are among the over 200K engineers in the local pool.

Ukraine is home to a plethora of large corporations with extensive software outsourcing experience. Many local IT firms have developed long-term and strategic agreements (for example, with Lebara, Fluke, Siemens, and many others). According to Clutch, there are over 70 Big Data analytics companies in Ukraine, with many employing 1000+ people.

  • Poland

Poland has the largest total pool of IT expertise and Big Data developers in Eastern Europe, with around 330K and 20K, respectively. However, more than 40% of local engineers are employed in BPO and GBS and thus unavailable for IT outsourcing.

Nonetheless, according to Clutch, Poland has 114 companies specializing in Big Data analytics, the most in the region.

  • Hungary

Among the aforementioned countries, Hungary has the second-highest number of Big Data engineers (about 14K). The tough issue is that there are just 7 Data analytics companies from Hungary registered on Clutch. Furthermore, only one of them employs more than 250 people. This implies that finding a trustworthy partner with sufficient experience may be difficult.

  • Romania

Romania has the third-largest reservoir of IT expertise in Eastern Europe, with around 8.2K Big Data experts. However, like in Poland, a large proportion of these experts operate in BPO and GBS and cannot be considered as suitable candidates for your project.

According to Clutch, there are 19 Big Data analytics companies in Romania, with the majority of them employing 500 or more people.

  • Czech Republic

Last but not least, among a 112KIT talent pool, the Czech Republic has around 6.9K Big Data developers. Clutch reports that the country has 12 data analytics businesses, half of which have more than 200 employees and substantial outsourcing competence.

When your hire big data developers, you have to take care of these things. You can save your money and resources by following the above-mentioned steps. 

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