How To Handle A Hit-And-Run Car Accident?

While traveling on the road, the worst thing that can happen is getting involved in a car accident. The situation worsens when the responsible party hits your vehicle, injures you, and flees from the scene without stopping their car. This can be a scary time and emotionally devastating as it lowers the chances of compensation for your damages. 


However, you can still find the suspect following the proper steps. Acting quickly is essential in hit-and-run cases. Even if you cannot find out the identity of the fleeing driver, you can still get compensation by filing a personal injury claim. You can discuss your options with car accident attorneys Los Angeles


What To Do After A Case Of Hit-And-Run?


Immediately Note Down Information

You should note down information as much as you can remember. Take out your mobile phone and note down whatever you can remember- the color, model, brand, license plate, the appearance of the driver or passengers in their vehicle, etc. 


Talk To Witnesses

You will likely be unable to retain all the essential details of the fleeing car. Immediately after the accident, see if there are any witnesses around the spot and talk to them. Ask them if they remember how the car looked and how the accident happened. They may also be able to help you by giving a statement. If a witness has reliable information or evidence, note down their contact information and ask them to make a statement to the police.


Report The Accident To The Police

Calling the police at the accident site is a crucial step, especially if anyone is injured or your vehicle is severely damaged. The police can investigate the accident site, talk to witnesses, and possibly gather strong evidence such as traffic CCTV footage. 


Seek Medical Help

If you or your loved ones are wounded, call an ambulance. While you may be worried about not being able to pay your medical bills, seeking initial treatments and check-ups are required to find out the extent of your injuries. It will also serve as evidence in court. 


Do Not Follow The Fleeing Vehicle

Following a fleeing vehicle is a lost cause and a bad idea for several reasons. Firstly, your car may be seriously damaged and not safe to drive. Secondly, ignoring your injuries and not seeking immediate medical help can prove disastrous later, even if your car is fine. 


Most importantly, you should not leave the accident site without calling the police first. Leaving the scene and informing the police later will make it difficult to conduct an investigation. Moreover, if you leave the site, you may also get charged with hit-and-run. 


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