How to Get Windows 10 for Free ?

This article we’ll explore the various ways to obtain Windows 10 for free. We will discuss four different alternatives and then explain if each option is legal.


After reading the article you’ll become more informed about the way Windows 10 activation works and the reason Microsoft is charging for this in the beginning.


Download Windows 10 from Third Party Website


Perhaps you’ve been told by a friend or colleague who claimed to be capable of downloading Windows 10 for free from an unrelated website or perhaps you’ve found out about it online.


The source of your information might have stated that they will provide you with the complete Windows 10 iso download for absolutely nothing, and without watermarks or product keys.


Utilizing a third-party website that allows you to download Windows 10 for free is absolutely against Microsoft’s policy and, even more crucially, it could result in certain legal issues or problems for you.


Is it Legal to Download Windows 10 for Free?


The option of downloading a complete version of Windows 10 for free from an untrusted source is completely illegal, and we would not recommend it.


It’s up to the public debate whether or whether downloading Microsoft software without permission could get you in jail or with a an enormous fine however it’s definitely likely and Microsoft has the power to take the legal process in this situation.


Download Windows 10 Installation Files


There are two ways of the download of Windows 10 installation files. If you are eligible for the upgrade at no cost and want to download the Windows 10 ISO image. In other cases you’ll need to download the free 90-day trial copy of Windows 10 Enterprise.

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

On the Windows computer, you are able to use Microsoft’s Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to upgrade your Windows 10 directly, or download the installation file. Be aware that you are able to install these media on computers that are eligible for the upgrade free to Windows 10!

Download the right version for your computer, i.e. for an 32-bit or 64-bit processor. Start the EXE file that you downloaded, click Create an installation media on another computer and select on Next. Select your language, Edition (same as the present Windows version), Architecture When you’re finished, select the next button..

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