How to get good grades in class 7 Maths ?

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Maths is a subject that many students struggle with and even are afraid of. This is because mathematics needs serious and precise answers when it comes to solving questions. Also, math problems are diverse and require different kinds of formulas or methods to solve then which students find tough to manage. Similarly, students find the exams challenging as the paper contains all the topics learned and each of them needs a method or formula. 

However, if students begin to practice maths daily, they’ll be able to recognise a pattern that the questions and answers follow. So to make math interesting and simple to study students should follow tips. In this article, there will be a list of multiple quick tricks for 7th-grade students. 

7 simple to follow tips to get good grades in maths for grade 7 

Write the main formulas 

The first and most simple way to improve in maths is to write down all the formulas on one sheet of paper and try to memorise them. These formulas are extremely important to solve math problems. Likewise, the students must understand how to use that formula and in what types of questions will need a particular method. This will also be helpful during revision as students can just refer to the list to refresh their memory. By doing this, a student will find solving math questions easy since they now know how to correctly use the formulas. 

Try to study by different means 

Math may not be a favourite subject for a student and thus to make it interesting or simple, a pupil can study by different means other than textbook learning. Today, with the help of technology students can find tons of videos and images that will encourage them to solve math. Furthermore, relying on just textbooks will only limit the capabilities of a student to grasp more knowledge. Hence, students should also try watching fun video solutions for a topic. 

Use NCERT books 

One of the main ways to learn any topic is in textbooks. This means that the quality of these books should be such that students can understand as well as practice solving math questions. NCERT books help by providing that. These textbooks are made by experts and are ideal for students to learn the important concepts of maths with apt practice. Moreover, NCERT books use an easy language format for students to quickly get proficient at that chapter. 

Solve a bunch of sample papers

Another vital way to score well in maths is to prepare by solving sample papers. By solving such complete sets of question papers, students learn how to approach them and have an understanding of what kinds of problems will be appearing in the exams. Besides, students can test their knowledge by solving these sample papers and then improve in areas they are weak at. Moreover, grade 7 students can look at the solutions of the past papers and learn how to answer a particular question. There are several books that students can easily find by searching RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 in PDF  on the internet. 

Practice daily 

A good amount of practice is a requirement for achieving good scores in grade 7 and higher classes. So, students should dedicate some time to studying and solving math daily so that there is a constant progression with mathematics. This will also help students to get familiarised with the concepts taught in the class. Even so, practising daily is overlooked by students which should not be the case since 

Manage time efficiently 

Examinations have a set time limit which is why students need to work on their speed. Candidates must be prepared to submit their work within the time boundary under pressure. Students must make sure to keep the allotted 15 minutes to check their paper and see if any questions are missed out or need correction. Having a strategy to allot specific time frames for every set of questions will help complete the paper on time and reduce the anxiety about not finishing the paper. 

Make revision a habit 

A grade 7 student must make revision a habit. This is because mathematics and other subjects have topics to be remembered but as time goes on students tend to forget them and eventually are not able to score well. However, if students begin revising the concepts regularly, the students will remember them for a longer-term and score better marks than without revision. 

Pay attention to easy questions 

Another vital thing is that math also has geometry. It is quite easy to learn. Thus, students should take advantage of it and must score full marks in simple scoring topics like geometry. During exams, by correctly solving these questions students can earn quick marks that will uplift the overall total. Overall, students should identify such easy questions during the exams and solve them accurately. 

Clarify your doubts 

It is recommended that students should clarify all their doubts and confusion regarding math. This way, students will be sure of the basics and have a strong fundamental base knowledge of mathematics. It is certainly integral that students get their basic concepts right which will help to easily solve questions and have a good understanding of maths in 8th grade where this knowledge will be further developed. It’s also noteworthy that mathematics is required in subjects like science as well hence if a student is interested in these subjects their maths should be good. 


In a nutshell, maths is easy once students get the habit of practising it and also learning new concepts in higher grades. Although, students must focus on building a good foundation with the mathematics that will further help them to perform well in higher classes as well as ace maths exams. 

By following these tips, students can learn maths more quickly and get better at it. The only significant thing is the consistency that is required from the student’s end. If a pupil regularly does the math, it’s evident that their performance will certainly improve too.