How to crack English Olympiad Class 7

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The English Olympiad is one of the important platforms to find out Students’ talent. It acts as a way to encourage the students to perform well. Olympiads lead to the mental development of the students as they try to use their brains to the maximum. Here students try to maximize their knowledge in order to lead ahead of other students. The English olympiad is one such platform where students can test their potential. 

Types of Olympiad exams 

Here is the list of all types of Olympiads- 

  1. International Science Olympiad.
  2. International Maths Olympiad.
  3. English International Olympiad
  4. General Knowledge International Olympiad.
  5. International Computer Olympiad
  6. International Drawing Olympiad
  7. National Social Studies Olympiad
  8. National Essay Olympiad

English Olympiad syllabus class 7

Students who score well in the English Olympiad exam prove that their English skills are best among all. If the students wish to score a good rank in the examination, then the only way is to practice.

Following are the class 7 Olympiad syllabus

Chapters  Topic 
1 Word power
2 Degree of Comparison
3 Clauses 
4 Infinite, participle, and gerund
5 Modal and Auxiliary verbs 
6 Voice and speeches
7 Tenses 
8 Transformation of sentences 
9 Grammar exercise 
10 composition
11 Sequencing 
12 comprehension
13 Idioms and proverbs 
14 Logical reasoning 


Class 7 English Monthly and Annual Olympiad

There are two ways in which students can participate in the English Olympiads. The two ways are mentioned below-

  1. Annual Olympiad- this is an online exam. Students can attempt at any time between 10 am to 6 pm. Registrations can be done by schools or students themselves can do their registration. The exam can be attempted either in the month of December or February.
  2. Monthly Olympiad- this is one of the innovative methods. Here tests are conducted every month chapter-wise. The tests are conducted online. Students need a stable internet connection. Here a total of 30 questions are asked in a duration of 25 minutes.

Why should students attempt the English Olympiad exam?

Today is a time of competition. It is necessary that students should test their knowledge in various competitive exams also. They should enhance their skills rather than just prepare for academics.

Following are the reasons why students should attempt the English Olympiad-

  • It helps the students to build overall knowledge of the subject rather than just subjective.
  • It builds confidence among students to face various competitive exams in the future.
  • It helps students to build their own identities at an early age.
  • It will create interest in the students in the subject. That is it will improve their academic results.
  • It helps students to understand their potential. 
  • Students will be able to create a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • It will help to create their own individuality.

Tips and tricks to crack English Olympiad

The English Olympiad exam requires certain skills in order to crack the examination.

Following are the tips and tricks to crack the Olympiad exam

  • Understand the syllabus- before preparing for the examination, students must understand the syllabus well. Be thorough with the Olympiad syllabus. Mark all the important points which require proper time and attention. 
  • Practice with Olympiad guide- Nowadays guides are provided to ease the subject. These guides are available at reasonable prices. Students can buy them from their nearby stores or can purchase them online.
  • Solve previous years’ papers- students should develop a habit of solving previous years’ papers. This paper will help them to develop a base for the exam. They will get an idea of exam patterns and important questions. Students can find samples papers here- IEO English Olympiad Previous year Question Paper class 7 2013
  • Mock test- students can also practice online. Various online platforms are available where students can test their mistakes. Students also develop the ability to manage time. Students will be able to find out how much time they spend on each question.
  • Seek help from teachers- students must seek help from their mentors in case of any doubts. Teachers will guide them in the best possible ways.  Students should not keep their doubts for a longer duration. Try to solve them soon without wasting time.
  • Follow proper timetable- it is generally seen that students preparing for any competitive examination forgets the other important tasks. They should give equal opportunity to everything. Follow a proper daily routine and practice it daily.
  • Write and practice-  students should always pen down new words learned. They should also write the meaning in front of it. This will help them memorize new words easily and be able to remember them.
  • Pay attention- it is the fact that one cannot master the competitive exam in a single day. The preparation starts from the class. Students must pay proper attention in class. This will help them to score in the Olympiad too.
  • Communicate in English- students should try to communicate with their friends and family in English. This will improve their speaking skills.

Points to remember on the examination day

  1. Always check the Hall ticket before entering the examination hall.
  2. Always carry an extra pen and pencil on examination day.
  3. Before solving the questions go through the rules mentioned properly.
  4. In case of any doubt ask from the teachers.
  5. Always think twice before choosing an option. One chosen it cannot be changed.
  6. Never overwrite the answers. Choose an option correctly.
  7. Do not write a single word on the question paper except roll numbers.
  8. Fill the OMR sheet correctly. Recheck it again. Correct any mistakes if required.
  9. Do not carry any electronic device like mobile phones, electronic gadgets, etc. this is a violation of the examination rules.
  10. Never carry out any source of nuisance acts. Maintain the decorum of the examination hall.


The English Olympiad helps to develop fundamentals of the English subject. If students really wish to crack the examination then they should practice more questions. They should consult their teachers and mentors in case of any doubts. Try to communicate in the English language more. If all the above-mentioned points are followed properly then students can easily crack the olympiad.