How to Clean the House Perfectly to Avoid Pests?

How to clean the house perfectly to avoid pests is the most important question for every house owner. As dirty houses create health issues and spread diseases for all of the people living in the house and it is difficult to live in such an environment.

Getting rid of pests is the most important thing for the house owner. If you want no pest in your house, you have the clean and maintain the house on regular basis. Make a habit of cleaning the house daily by:

  • Vacuum and sweep your house daily
  • Wipe out the counter after every meal to get rid of any type of crumbs
  • Make a habit of dusting your windows, doors and corner part of your house
  • Clean your microwave and oven to get rid of crumbs and welcome other pests.


Different ways to clean the house to avoid pests

These are some of the methods which you can follow to get rid of pests

Clutter-free house

Decluttering is the best way to get rid of pests from your house. As in decluttering. not only does your house look like an organized house but as well as there will be less chance of pests entering your property. Pests of any type love to live in a messy environment as they feel comfortable over there. Throw away the things that are no more in your use or donate them out



Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning, swiping, moping with detergent is a process through which you can avoid pests entering your houses. Make a habit of daily cleaning your house and make a house of everything in your home.

Seal up cracks

You welcome these unwanted pests to your home through the cracks in your home, which you often ignore. These are the open way for the pest to enter your property as an uninvited guest.

Try to clear these cracks as soon as possible to have a clean house.


Call a professional pest controller


Another way to get rid of pests is to call for a pest control company to spray out your house once a year. They have a team of people and are professional in their work. After a complete house check, they can sort out the places where the pest can enter your house. By doing such there will be less chance of pest enter your house.




DIY or do it yourself is a way through which you can get rid of the pest for a temporary period or sometimes for always. There are different remedies to getting rid of these pests entering your house. Vinegar and water mixture is one of the most common ways to avoid pests from your house. Peppermint, lemon and clove, baking soda, are some of the DIY ways to avoid pests from your house.


The spider does not like onion


Spider is a tinny pest, when entering your house, they make their web and spread it time by time and make a messy area and look. They make their web on the corner and edges. some make small web and some make the big one. A spider does not like the onion smell. Place onion on the places where spiders often make their web.



Remove fruit flies using DIY


We often see that when we clean the kitchen. There are still flies above the fruit basket. Try some DIY ideas to get rid of such files by placing a cup of white vinegar and water into a bowl and covering it with a plastic cover and making a pencil hole in it. The flies do not like the smell of vinegar so they automatically come and grab into the bowl.


Close pet food


Close your all pest food in a metallic tin jar instead of cardboard. Pest cannot enter into the metallic jar and there will be no pest in your pet food.


Trim plant


Different types of pests make their homes in your garden, some enter in the bushes, and some enter in the garden and destroy your favorite plants. Trimming your plants on regular basis is a way to avoid pests enter in your houses.


Bed bug checking after vacations


While coming back from a wonderful vacation. You might bring some unwanted bedbugs in your suitcases. Before putting your clothes into the closet, check properly for the bed bug in your suitcase before placing back them into the closets.

Keep ladybug a bay

Like other pests Ladybugs also do not like strong smells. Place some bag of cloves on the place where they often come or sprinkle some clove oil in highly infected areas. After sometime when there is no ladybug over there. vacuum and sweep up the cloves.

Clean out the garbage

Make a habit of wiping away the garbage at night. Cover the garbage with a lid so avoid pests in that area. Place a plastic sheet on the garbage box.

By doing so you can avoid any type of pest entering your house for the long term.

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