How to Choose the Best Anti Pollution Mask in India

COVID-19 has been dominating everything since the 2020 inception, and we have seen everyone getting adjusted to the “new normal.” The king of the “new normal” is a face mask which is a protective weapon against coronavirus infection. Previously, anti-pollution masks were suggested to be used by traffic cops, industrial laborers, and others who worked in toxic environments. However, with the current situation, a face mask has become an essential accessory to protect yourself from bacteria, viruses, and flu.

Delhi (India’s capital) is the most talked-about city in terms of the poor quality of air. People living in Delhi face an onslaught of breathing problems as the city’s Air Quality Index (AQI) is estimated to be 500 ranging from bad to poor air quality. In a nutshell, AQI of less than 50 is considered to be good air quality. Looking at the AQI of Delhi sounds scary! Isn’t it?

To protect yourself from breathing bad air, an anti-pollution mask can be a savior! The question arises: how to choose the best anti-pollution mask? We’ve got you covered!

In the above context, it is clear that anti-pollution masks can help in keeping your lungs healthy and disease-free. Here’s how you can choose the best anti-pollution face mask for men and women:

  • Know your pollutants:

Bad air quality is the result of emissions from industrial areas, vehicular emissions, burning of crops and fossil fuels. Hence, your anti-pollution face masks must be able to filter out harmful pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Carbon Dioxide, and other harmful contaminants. There are face masks for women as well as for men in the market.

  • Know your mask type: 

Choosing between anti-pollution face masks can be confusing given we have so many choices to choose from surgical face masks to filter-based respirators masks. We suggest you learn about the pollution level in your city (AQI) and accordingly select your face masks.

You can opt for N-95, N-99, and N-100. As the mask suggests, N-99 provides the highest level of protection from viruses while N-95 masks provide 95% protection from pollutants and harmful gases floating in the air. N-99 masks can be used for 5-6 months meaning they are reusable, washable face masks and come in different sizes.

If you work in the industry or are the owner of an industry, we suggest that you provide an N-99 mask with filter respirators to your laborers as these masks can absorb bacteria and viruses.

  • Get the right fit: 

It is a basic step to learn how you must place your face mask. It shouldn’t be below your nose and it shouldn’t be below your chin. The right way is to cover your nose, mouth, and chin properly. This is extremely necessary otherwise harmful pollutants can seep inside the mask thereby undoing what it is actually used for.

Many face masks come with adjustable earloops to provide perfect fitting. If you’re looking for a mask for your kids, you must mention kid-friendly masks at the store. The mask price may vary depending on the type of mask you choose.

  • Always opt for utility over style:

Remember, a mask is an essential accessory but doesn’t make it a style statement. You must use masks based on your patterns and comfort. For finance, people who are heading out for grocery shopping can wear surgical masks while people heading out for a run can opt for heavy-duty masks which are equipped with large air intake valves.

  • Never compromise on the quality of the masks:

Surgical masks require replacement frequently. For environmentally-conscious, you can invest in reusable masks as well. You can check if your mask is licensed to standards like Personal Protective Equipment by CE and EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 R or a certification from the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). All this will ensure your face masks are designed to ensure it filters out ultra-low microns.

Last words:

Face masks are here to stay longer seeing the current pandemic situation as well as our pollutant environment. You must invest in an anti-pollution mask that fits you well and adhere to all standards to filter out micron pollutants for your well-being and health.

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