How to Boost your eCommerce business/online business this Festival season

The much-awaited, annual festive season is here! Diwali, followed by Christmas, New Year’s, you name it! Any online business entity worth its name will capitalize on this excellent opportunity to increase sales and get high returns. Estimates suggest that nearly 43% of consumers spend more during Diwali than they do for the rest of the year! And this number sees an increase year after year. 


This coming festive season, be the sales leader in online businesses with these five simple strategies that may go a long way in ensuring your success! But what do these businesses do to make their sales go up around this time? Or rather, what can you do to increase your business profits this time around? 


There are many things businesses can do to make sure they gain an edge over other businesses. Most of it will have to do with merchandising and discounts, but one thing can bolster sales. 


It is choosing the right payment partner. Read on to know how a small business can make the most of the festive season with the right payment solution.


Give special offers and discounts.

While this may seem a bit obvious, its importance is often overlooked by businesses hoping to make a big splash. Special offers can include price cuts and discounts. But it goes beyond that. To gain a competitive edge while maintaining a price range, businesses need to develop creative solutions to guide their customers to the payments page. 


Including options like adding personalized gift cards, adding the option of wrapping the gift, sending gift cards and coupons, along with the package itself, can set your e-commerce store apart from the others. Apart from this, introducing limited-time deals and offering time-bound coupons can instil a sense of urgency to shop in your customers. In addition to this, it is also a great, festive reminder to your customers that you have the goods they will need and desire during the festival and that you are offering them a special discount for the same. 


Introduce a themed display

The aesthetics are a prime driving factor for consumers to be able to trust any online business entity. A merchant enterprise that spends on displaying its merchandise is far likelier to convince the window-shoppers to press that “buy now” button. This is especially relevant when the customers must pay using a payment gateway or online payment methods.


During the festival season, introducing themed display features like marking products on sale for the season by the festival associated symbols (like a diya or a firecracker for Diwali, or a Christmas tree for Christmas) will make your display a lot more vibrant and attractive. You can also bring in aspects like displaying the slashed-through pre-discount price, with the new, more attractive price right next to it. 


This can also be the perfect time to introduce newer features like a more user-friendly checkout experience, guest check-out, a greater variety of online payment processes, and the like!


Introduce newer online payment processes

Running an online business can get competitive in the present time period. And the competition is only going to increase going forward. In such circumstances, it becomes only natural to bring in better technology and introduce the best online payment processes available to maintain that competitive edge. 


There are 100+ different payment methods that customers can use to make online payments. Each way has a dedicated customer base that you will likely lose out on if you do not cater to their requirements. For example, a payment gateway that only covers transactions via a credit card will lose customers with digital wallets or even debit cards. Such a payment gateway is not the ideal choice for you.


While there is no one best online payment method, there are more popular than the others. Digital wallets, net banking, UPI transactions, etc., enjoy an increasing customer preference, especially during the festival season. Payment gateways that offer any of these will fit the bill. Zaakpay, for example, offers easy integration into the existing e-commerce business framework, a customized check-out page, and, most importantly, a large variety of payment methods for the customers to choose from.


Make the process smartphone-friendly.

India has hit a record high of 173 million smartphone sales in 2021. This number is a reflection of the way the Indian economy is headed – the digital form. In such circumstances, finding a footing amidst the new smartphone users can go a long way in ensuring the success of an e-commerce business, as the festival season is the best time for these new customers to be added to your base. 


The number of smartphone users is much higher (and growing) than people using desktops and laptops. Thus, an online merchant that caters only to the latter while alienating the former is likely to lose out on a huge customer base which could’ve added to its growth story instead.  


Have a dynamic advertising strategy

The value of a well-designed and flawlessly implemented advertising campaign cannot be emphasized enough. Starting a campaign centred around the upcoming festival, focusing on the updated services and special offers, can help the customers ingrain valuable information about your business, which can be triggered when they search for goods to buy during the festival!


They are going for re-marketing strategies like engaging with customers who have abandoned their carts or left payment gateway transactions mid-way can serve as a reminder to enter the transaction again. Similarly, directing them to a landing page dedicated to the upcoming festivities can lead to impulse purchases and increased sales!



The once-in-a-year festival season is right around the corner. Introducing pleasing visuals and offering brilliant discounts and special packages are the most fundamental steps to aid an online business entity during this time! Find your business strategy to make the best out of this opportunity. 


The importance of payment gateways that offer the best online payment solutions must be understood and implemented for your e-commerce undertaking to flourish. The value that an actionable marketing strategy can bring to your business must also not be sidelined in the process. 


Have a great festive season ahead!



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