How To Add Firewall In Any Android Device

A firewall is the security feature in every operating system which blocks all dangerous IPs and malware to enter the system. When operating systems are such as Windows it has an inbuilt feature called Firewall that shields you and your Windows PC from security dangers.

But , for Android, it is not possible to add this feature, and that’s the reason we’re here with an awesome technique that allows you to include this Firewall Security feature in any Android. It will protect your Android from security threats of all kinds. It is not necessary to jailbreak the Android device to get this feature. Take a look at the complete guide below for how to proceed.

The process is simple and straightforward. You just require an Android app that permits you to install the Firewall feature. This feature will help you ensure your security on your Android device. Then follow the steps below to get started. With that, we can also list the best firewall for android in this article. Must take a look at it.

Steps To Add Firewall In Any Android Device:

Step 1. First of all, you must install and download the awesome Android app called NoRoot Firewallthe application that allows you to integrate a firewall feature into your device.

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Step 2. Now you need to open the app after you have installed it on your device. Then, select “Start”

Add Firewall In Any Android Device

Step 3. Now you need to enable the connection. Tap”OK” to allow the connection. “OK” to proceed.

Add Firewall In Any Android Device

Step 4. Now you need to switch over to onto the “Pending Access” tab. You will then be able to see all apps which require connectivity with the Internet. Just allow or block the apps as you wish.

Add Firewall In Any Android Device

That’s it! You’re done! you’re done! Android is equipped with a Firewall that is protecting your device from threats of all kinds.


List of Best Firewalls for Android

As we mentioned earlier due to the importance and utility of firewalls in the internet, every device linked to the Internet should have a firewall in place including mobiles. Below are a few of the most effective free firewall software that we would recommend.


AFWall+ is one of the most well-known Android firewall application because it is a top privacy and security features. It’s not just that AFWall+ provide security, it also lets users to customize the internet access and permissions that each app uses. AFWall+ can be directly downloaded through Google’s Play Store. It’s free, open-sourced and user-friendly.

The app doesn’t include ads. However, it cannot fully protect your device from attacks by viruses until root access is granted. It’s one of the most effective options to opt against other Android firewalls.

Download: Android

NoRoot Firewall

NoRoot Firewall provides you with excellent security without requiring any root rights. It differs from other programs on this list as it does not require authorizations to run within your system.

It is a straightforward and simple interface. NoRoot Firewall will allow you to block any application from connecting to the internet. It also comes with an alert system that will notify you when the suspicious activities are discovered.

Download: Android


NetGuard is another alternative to consider should you be looking for an application to block firewalls on Android. It offers both basic and more advanced ways to protect your Android device. The app doesn’t require root access in order to function.

It’s compatible with all versions of Android 5.1plus versions. It alerts users when an app is connected to the internet, and blocks harmful websites and software.

NetGuard allows you to modify the web access of apps for your mobile device. NetGuard offers all of these functions for free and makes NetGuard an among the most effective firewall apps for Android.

Download: Android

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