How fillers completely changed my facial appearance?

why should I recommend Novomed for anyone looking for fillers in Al Ain?

When I was 29 years old, my face had become rounder, losing definition and structure around my bone areas. I was having a hard time accepting the realities of aging and sought to improve my health through exercise and diet. Because of my hectic schedule, it’s been difficult for me to maintain consistency and discipline, and as a result, I did not receive the results I wanted. My friends recommended that I have fillers at Novomed – Al Ain clinic saying that it is definitely going to be life-changing.


I scheduled a consultation at their Al Ain center and met with the doctor who was extremely professional and accommodating. She made sure I understood how filler injections work and that all my concerns were addressed. The doctor explained that it was a safe and painless treatment option that will enhance the shape and features of my face. I felt really comfortable with her and felt sure that I chose the right doctor to work on my face.


On the day of my treatment, I was really nervous. However, I received excellent care and felt really safe and well looked after by the staff, who made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. The follow-up care was wonderful because the staff called me after the treatment to ask if I felt any side effect or if I needed anything.


Filler injections solved my problem. This treatment helped me regain the tone and definition that I had felt I had lost in my younger years, and made me happy with my facial appearance for the first time in years. The doctor is exceptional at what she does. I felt completely secure throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the recovery process.


I’ve been going to Novomed – Al Ain for regular checkups, and the results have always been amazing. My relatives and friends are all shocked at how young and fresh I look, despite the fact that no one knows I’ve had anything done. When I returned to work after having the fillers in Al Ain branch, everyone said I looked refreshed. Going to Novomed has been the best decision I’ve ever made because you always know that you are in good hands with their doctors and staff.

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