How do I Connect Two TVs to One Set-Top-Box?

How do I Connect Two TVs to One Set-Top-Box?

The era of Television (TV) seems to never get over. Earlier, households used to have one TV, and now many people prefer having more than one TV set. After all, watching TV from the warm comfort of your bed is a different experience altogether. One Set-Top-Box

If you are also someone who has two TVs at home; do not worry about the Set-Top-Box (STB). For two TV, you do not need to buy two different STBs. The good news is that you can connect both of your TVs with the one STB.

How does it work?

Most STB is designed in a way that they give signal output through all the ports that are located on the box. The different ports such as the HDMI port and Coaxial port that are commonly found on most STB can be used to simultaneously send signals to two TV sets. This is why this principle can be used to connect two TV sets to a single STB. Let us see how we can do it:

1st TV

    • You need to disconnect the Coaxial Cable that runs from the TV set to the Coaxial outlet that is usually provided in the wall of most homes
    • Now power up your STB by connecting it to a power outlet using the power adapter that comes with the STB
    • Now you need to connect the HDMI cable to the STB HDMI port and put the other end of the cable to the HDMI port of the TV set. Usually, you need a Male to Male HDMI cable.One Set-Top-Box
    • At this point, connect the STB to the Coaxial Port in the wall or the connection wire from the DTH Dish so that the STB can start receiving signals

2nd TV

    • You now have to connect the Coaxial Cable to your second TV’s Coaxial port and to the Coax cable port that is there in the STB
    • Now you can turn on both the TVs and verify if both the TVs are receiving signals from the DTH box

Another way for you to connect two TV sets to a single DTH box is by using an HDMI splitter. The splitter, as the name suggests, splits the single HDMI signal into two and sends it to two separate televisions. This can be a workaround if you do not have a coaxial wire or if your STB doesn’t have the coaxial port. Most of the new age HD TV sets and HD STB are equipped with the HDMI port, and therefore the HDMI splitter might work better.

There are some limitations to this technique since the STB will be sending the same signal to both the television sets. This means that both the TV sets will be getting the mirror signals with the same channel and program running. You will not be able to play two different channels on the TV sets which might not suit everyone. You may also have to go to the STB remote range to change the channels if the other TV set is in a different room. For these reasons, it is much better to get two different STBs and connections. If you are an Airtel customer you can get great discounts on your additional STB and packs. To buy a new Airtel Xstream Box connection with built-in Chromecast, you can head to the Airtel website, choose the “Buy new connection” option from the DTH dropdown, and choose Airtel Xstream Box. That way you will be able to enjoy a full range of world-class entertainment options on both your TV sets and even convert your TV to a Smart TV at no extra price. One Set-Top-Box

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