How do I choose a wifi router for my home?

How do I choose a wifi router for my home?

As we talk about getting a high-speed internet connection, it is not only the broadband plan that plays the most significant role. What kind of wifi router we are using also matters a lot. If you remember, only a few years ago, the home routers used to connect a few devices such as a smartphone, a laptop, and maybe a tablet at the max. However, these days, just like many other devices, the wifi routers are also getting smart. Now you can get modern wifi routers that can even connect a minimum of 10 devices at a time.

And since the majority of us are working from home, having a powerful and smart wifi router is a prime need of every household. The biggest concern is knowing the things to consider that you need to take into consideration while buying a wifi router. Here are some of these points you need to check while choosing the right router:

    • Dual-band: A wifi router should at least be dual-band. A Dual-band router helps in broadcasting wireless signals on two frequencies. And if it is tri-band, it broadcasts to even more frequencies.
    • Check the bandwidth: As you check the model name of a router, you will find the bandwidth of the router mentioned on it, such as AC1200, AC 1900, AC 5400, etc. The routers that support Wifi6 have AX mentioned on them. The only thing you need to take care of is that you must not go below AC 1200. Anything with below AC 1200 means the router is old with technology that is not updated at all.
    • The router should have a smartphone app: These days the updated versions of the routers come with smartphone apps that can be used by people to set the wireless router.
    • The router must have a USB port: The routers should at least have one USB port, most preferably USB 3.0. You can connect USB devices such as USB modems, external hard disks, printers, etc. to it.
    • Checking online reviews: Before you take the final call on a wifi router, you must check the online reviews from the users who have been using the router for some time. No matter what the router brands claim to offer you, the quality of the router can be judged on the basis of what the users are mentioning about it online.

Now as you are preparing yourself for the router that you are going to buy, you can also take a look at the various wifi connections offered by several Internet Service Providers (ISPs). And to make things even smoother, you can choose any broadband plan from Airtel and get a free wifi router. You will not only get high-speed internet but also access to many OTT channels with Airtel Broadband plans.

The wifi router offered by Airtel can be accepted without a doubt as the brand makes sure of providing only the best quality routers. You will be able to connect at least 10 devices from the router and enjoy round-the-clock high-speed internet.


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