Epson Printer Error Oxea

How can I troubleshoot Epson WF-3640 error code 0x97?

Printers do play an important and vital role in enriching your personal and professional life by guaranteeing a seamless and staunch printing facility. There are numerous printing brands that are popular, yet the one that has grabbed everyone’s attention Epson. With advanced technology, amazing updates, and top-notch services, it has created an outstanding impact across the world. But, the users of Epson many times face different types of technical problems like Epson Printer Error Oxea. Now, in such situations, all you need to do is to follow the steps that are explained here. Once you do check out the blog, you will find all your answers. 

What are the reasons behind Epson Error Code 0x97?

If you are facing issues and want to troubleshoot Epson Printer in an error state, all you need to do is to find out the reasons and then seek its solutions. 

  • Internal Hardware Issues
  • Issues associated with Motherboard such as malfunctioning
  • Any internal component issues or malfunctioning

Frequent Ways to fix Epson Printer WF-3630 error code 0x97

If you want to troubleshoot the Epson Printer error code, all you are expected to do is to follow the steps and implement them one by one. Once you do follow the steps, you would be able to find an accurate answer to all your questions. Have a look to know more about it. 

First of all, you are supposed to disconnect all the connections and cables from the printer.

  • You are supposed to take out all the papers to avoid jamming. Then, you must disconnect all the cables, including the USB cords, cable wires, power cords, and also ink cartridges.

Make sure you do reset the printer.

  • Firstly, you must disconnect all the printer’s cables, and you are required to allow your printer to be on rest for at least five minutes. 
  • Then, you should press and hold the power button for at least 1 minute.
  • Keep pressing it until it is connected again.
  • Then, you should conduct a test print.

You are supposed to clean the print head

  • Firstly, you are supposed to remove the ink cartridge from the printhead
  • Place the ink cartridges on top of clean paper or towel 
  • And then, you must remove the printhead from the printer
  • You should keep the nozzle area clean 
  • Reinstall the cartridges into their slots
  • And then, you must turn on your printer

You should install and update Printer’s Driver

  • At last, you should install the driver
  • And then, you must update the printer driver immediately

By following and implementing the above-stated steps, you can simply find out the ways to fix Epson WF-3640 error code 0x97. Check out to know more about it instantly. For further detailed, information reading this blog will be helpful and immensely productive for you. If you are confused and want to seek an appropriate solution to this error code, nothing could be better than reading this blog. 

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