How Can I Avoid Hiring A Divorce Attorney Who Will Take Me To The Cleaners?

While it is important to invest in hiring a divorce attorney in Palo Alto, that will do good work for you and affirm that you are comfortable with. You also don’t want to waste your money. And the thing with family law, and divorce, and child custody specifically it is very easy for attorneys to convince people to waste money. The reason for that is that these are very emotionally charged areas of law. And people generally don’t mind wasting money as long as they are feeling good about sticking it to the other side or doing something that is going to get them leveraged that they don’t even really need because they have issues that they haven’t dealt with. And so there are attorneys who will take advantage of that, take full advantage of that and make more money without delivering value.

So here are some things that you can do to assess upfront whether this is a firm that will likely give you a good return on your investment. So the first couple of things that we are going to talk about are things that you can do on your own and the other two are things to look out for your interactions with the attorney and the people at the firm.


Read The Reviews Online

So first read the reviews online. There is so much information online. People who are not happy with services go online and they complain about it that’s how it is. You will see it in restaurants, you will see it in other service industries, and you see it more and more in the law. And so Google the name of the law firm, Google the attorney’s name and read the reviews. Google reviews, AVO, Linkedin, Facebok, Yelp, Birdseye you see reviews everywhere. Make sure that you read them, look at the details.


Check With Your Friends and Family for Recommendations

Another thing you can do is just ask around. Ask your friends, hey do you know an attorney, do you know this, do you recognize this firm, or do you know an attorney who you could ask about this law firm, and so either directly or indirectly getting information from people about this lawyer and this law firm. Sometimes you will be surprised, sometimes you will get two or three people who will tell you, hey stay away. So it’s worth a shot put it out there ask for some information from people you trust.

The last two things are short of red flags to look out for when you are dealing with the attorney or members of the firm.


Be Wary If The Lawyer Or Anybody Else At The Firm Is Becoming Unduly Pushy

Number one is watch out when the attorney or the people at the law firm are overly aggressive. Now in and itself being aggressive is not a bad thing because you want someone who is going to go to bat for you, you want someone who is going to look out for your interests. However if you sense that the person is kind of crossing that threshold into making the proceedings combative, making the proceedings creating unnecessary strain and conflict that is a red flag. Because that is an easy way to kind of run the clock to build more. If the attorney or the firm seems like they are going out of their way to increase the strain in the conflict then that’s not good. And there is a fine line between aggressively representing someone, and doing what’s right, and crossing that line, and turning it into a circus, and a fight you don’t need that look out for that. (Divorce Attorney)


You Should Also Be On The Lookout For An Attorney Who Is Excessively Confident

Another thing you want to look out for when an attorney or the people at the firm are overly optimistic. Now this is a tricky one, because not having an experience in the actual field, it can be very difficult for a consumer, a client to know when an attorney is telling the truth, and that something is definitely going to turn out great there’s nothing to worry about and otherwise. Divorce Attorney

But what you want to look out for is, if you are constantly just getting optimism and positive outlooks and you are not getting any information about the downside and there isn’t balance in the analysis then be careful. Because there are a lot of things in family law that are not predictable.



For any legal matters, make sure you use a skilled law company or attorney. It’s fairly uncommon to see lawyers claiming to be professionals when they’re not.

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