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How can a multilingual WordPress plugin help your business?

Let’s start with the fact that WordPress is currently the most used platform in the world when it comes to website creation. Over 60% of people prefer this CMS platform. (DeepL WordPress Plugin)

Apparently, it convinces with its simplicity, beautiful user interface, a large number of different plugins, themes, and very high space for your own creativity and implementation of ideas. Of course, one must not forget the WordPress Website Builder, which further simplifies the creation with the visual construction of website elements. There is no need for coding or even complicated configuration like in the old days.


Over 35% of websites are powered by WordPress

Another interesting figure is that 35% of the Internet users of WordPress and there are over 1.3billion active websites (as Netcraft published in its article and research). The statistics also show that the WordPress script was downloaded over 7 million times and the platform was and will always be extremely popular among developers.

WordPress is growing very fast in all places of our planet. More than 1000 WordCamps(Meetups) in over 70 countries are constantly visited and organized by enthusiasts, hobby developers, professionals but also companies.

The multilingualism of the platform: the latest version is available in 52 languages variants-from Chinese to Arabic and Japanese, and this as a standard language. Many localization and internationalization teams work hard to perfect the system language as a key factor.


The top 100 websites on the Internet

Who would have thought that almost 15% of the top 100 list are “powered by WordPress”?Such greats as TED, TechCrunch, or CNN are loyal to this platform. Also big companies of lists like Fortune500 love this content management technology.


Why automatic localization can be a good choice for global marketing strategy?

Remember, we live in times where people have unlimited access to resources and websites can be accessed from all over the world. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you want to order something from the USA or China-the availability is in front of your hand and it only takes a few seconds to be “virtually” in another country or in another trade zone.

This is why website owners are focusing on the ever-increasing “localization” of websites, portals, and e-commerce stores. Of course, you can translate your content yourself, provided that you know some languages well. But in situations where you simply have a lot of pages with large content or even online shops with hundreds or even thousands of products, it makes things a bit more difficult.

Therefore, measures like automatic content localization are very relevant in your marketing strategy and save time and resources.

Machine translation–current development

However, many people are afraid of machine translation-each one of us knows the poorly formulated sentences his or her Google Translate generated. Often the translated sentences were absolutely not contextual or had no connection to each other, which made no sense, and the translated content, unfortunately, sounded far too robotic.

But with the arrival of new companies and startups that have combined machine translation with AI and neural networks, the game has reached a new level.

The current AI translations are no longer comparable to the old classics (as we know fromGoogle). The quality is extremely high, the text is finally understandable, logically formulated, and also contextual. A strong emphasis is also placed on grammar.


Translating WordPress with AI Plugins

Some plugin developers have thought about implementing the new developments in the translation industry in the website translation area. After all, who doesn’t want high-quality content that is automatically created by artificial intelligence?

As an example, the creators of Neuronto DeepL WordPress Plugin have integrated DeepL as the main engine to automatically generate multilingual WordPress content.

These are not simple “translations”. New posts or pages are generated directly in the system and receive a perfectly optimized SEO structure. For the users, this sounds only advantageous-the search engines automatically index the localized versions of the website owner’s content and if the visitors search the website from another country, they will immediately get a local language to result in their language.

This results in more visitors from all over the world, more sales (if you run an online shop), and more interaction with the new target audience that may be potential future clients.

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