How a Mastercard Gift Card Makes Your Life Easy.

Similar to traditional credit or debit cards, a Mastercard also makes shopping and purchasing things convenient, but what makes a Mastercard different from regular payment cards, and why is it causing such a stir in the corporate world? While it is true that a Mastercard gift card more or less serves the same purpose as regular cards, what sets it apart is its flexibility and versatility. A blessing for the corporate world, Mastercard works in over 25 million stores globally on both online and offline modes. Cards have begun replacing cash, and a Mastercard holds all the allocated funds a company provides, which an employee can refill as and when required.

What Makes a Mastercard Unique?

A Mastercard lacks traditional cards. You can customise your Mastercard with your company logo and design or select pre-designed or default logos. You can also gift or share it with another cardholder and freely use the gift card for daily expenditure. You can also use a Mastercard cable for single-time use and it stops working once the allocated funds are exhausted.

Why are Companies Using Mastercards?

Companies are rapidly switching to Mastercards, as it provides them with multiple benefits, such as:

Immediate Issue:

Companies do not require a bank account, a minimum balance check in their accounts, or long applications to receive or issue a Mastercard. With fast-operating online stores, you can get Mastercards instantly and load them within 24 hours of getting issued. Customised cards with personalised logos and details also take less than a week to dispatch.

Covers Business Expenses:

A Mastercard allows companies to set funds aside for corporate and business uses, such as corporate gifts, reward cards, sales benefits, employee incentives, etc., without dipping into other company resources.

Gift Cards:

Mastercards serve as reward points or prepaid corporate gifts for employees as a token of appreciation and a reward for their hard work. Instead of gifting the employees something they might not want or need, a gift card allows them to make their purchase.



You can disable a Mastercard if it gets stolen or you misplace it. Disabling it ensures it does not function if it falls into the wrong hands. Additionally, a Mastercard saves you the trouble of carrying cash or cheques while travelling and constantly worrying about losing them.


A Mastercard does not require lengthy applications, a long administration process, or additional inventory to use or issue. Issuing a Mastercard from the right store handles cashback program claims and communications that are very tedious processes. With a Mastercard gift card, you receive a GST rebate as cashback on the card.

Promote Your Brand:

You can customise your Mastercard with your company details, logo, or a personalised design, which boosts your brand value, promotes your brand image and improves your business.

Transparent Operations:

Using a Mastercard gives you the card details and statements regarding its expenditure, usage, and funds. Unlike cash, you have a complete record of the card’s purchases and swipes, which provide transparency and help you monitor the funds.

Employee Satisfaction:

Since you can gift Mastercards to employees through gift cards or corporate rewards, it increases employee satisfaction.

In Conclusion:

The Mastercard gift card is reforming the corporate sector. They increase security, add transparency, and enable flexible expenditure. Gift cards also ensure employee satisfaction, as they can use the Mastercard for personal purchases.

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