Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur

Hotel Management Institute In Jaipur

UEI Global Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur is the only institute that can be considered as one of the best of its kind in Jaipur City. The institute was started in 2007 under the aegis of Berggruen Charitable Trust and academic supervision of Hotelschool, The Hague. Since then it has grown to become one of the major educational institutes for hotel management. As a hotel manager you will definitely need to attend the training provided here. Since this institute has been running for almost 15 years, it has a lot to offer the people in terms of educational aspect and also career growth opportunities.

Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur provides 3 levels of educational course for those who are looking forward to becoming a part of the management team of a hotel. First, the foundation certificate , where the curriculum is designed as per international standards and students also have option to obtain Diploma from UGC recognized university of India by paying a nominal additional amount. For this course, students must have completed atleast 12th standard from a recognized board in India. After this, the institute will provide 6 months internship in 5 star property, during which students will be able to interact with the management of the hotel directly and learn all about their day to day functioning.

The second course that can be considered by the student is bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management in Jaipur, wherein students will be taught the principles of accounting, hospitality and finance. Under the programme, in first year- a strong foundation is laid and second year students are exposed to the industry and learn in real environment through their industrial training followed by on job training in their third year. The benefit of this programme is that, the students have good amount of experience working in the industry and are ready for job from day 1. All the training happens during their degree programme.

The third programme is Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Management, during which students will learn the different types of management styles in which will be beneficial for them in the long run. It will also include the study of Restaurant and Catering Business, during which students will be taught the principles of managing restaurant groups effectively.

Besides the above modules, there are other subjects that are also taught by the Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur like Hotel Security, Hotel Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Business Strategy. Another important subject that is taught by the institute is hospitality architecture and design. The other subjects are also designed according to the syllabus of the hospitality institute in Jaipur; these include tourism and convention, business and operational, HR and recruitment, hospitality industry and promotion, restaurant and catering. These subjects are taught to help the students understand the core business processes involved in running a hotel or a guest house.

The training provided by the hotel management institute in Jaipur ensures that the students become capable of providing the services required by hospitality establishments. This includes cleaning, maintaining and repairing of the hotel accommodation as well as other related services. In addition, the students learn how to deal with guests, vendors and fellow businessmen in order to make the operations of the hotel successful.

Upon graduating from the institute, the students have the option of working in different hotels as well as consultancies. Alternatively they may choose to open their own hotel or begin a management consultancy. All of these options offer great opportunities for aspiring management professionals. However, before embarking upon a career in the hotel sector, it is important for you to know first what you want to do. If you are interested in being a manager or an administrator, you should consider studying at the Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur first.

The institute’s goal is to prepare students for future careers as management or executive professionals, but they also teach practical skills needed by them in the real world. During their studies, students learn how to plan and create an effective and efficient staff structure. They also get to apply theories learned in courses such as accounting, economics and management in the real world. Apart from studying, the institute also provides internship programs for its students. Internships can either be done in local businesses or on international hotel projects.

The courses offered at UEI Global include classes focusing on hospitality and tourism, management planning, hospitality promotion and hospitality law. Other specialized courses include beverage management, quality management and accounting. Students can also choose to enroll in courses that train them in marketing and management, project management, restaurant management, and foodservice management.

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