High Pressure Cleaner For Car Wash – Shiny Clean In No Time

Our cars are exposed to a bit of everything. In the cabin, gravel, dirt and pebbles can often sneak into the bottom, while car dust will settle on the dashboard in a thin gray layer.

And especially the car’s exterior meets different winds and weather, which all make their mark on the car. Maybe the paint is not as clear as it could be? Maybe your rims are well covered in dirt? Or maybe windows and mirrors could need a loving hand?

In the busy everyday life, it can be convenient and easy to use the Bilvask on a tank that can remove the most visible dirt from the car. Here you can also just quickly swing the tank’s vacuum cleaner and shake the mats.

But if you want to go completely in depth with dirt and grime both inside and out, we give you our best tools for efficient cleaning of your car.

Car wash with high pressure cleaner

Often a home cleaning of the car’s exterior is associated with tubs of water, sponges, scrub brushes and a lot of grease.

But there is a far more efficient and simple way to make your car shine again. With a high-pressure cleaner from Xn–, you can give the car’s body a gentle cleaning without you having to use force on it.

One of the advantages of using a high-pressure cleaner for car washing is that it can more easily get into the car’s hook corners. For example, you can simply clean the area around the tires, rims and windshield wipers without damaging the car parts.

High pressure cleaners for the car make cleaning easy

With a Xn– high-pressure cleaner, you can make your car wash a little more fun.

Our practical, robust and powerful high-pressure cleaners can remove even the most stubborn and ingrained dirt in a few seconds at the touch of a button – quickly, easily and without hassle. And when you use a high-pressure cleaner, you do not have to get your hands dirty.

Simply move the cleaner over the exposed area and let it handle all the hard work. It does not get any easier.

Car shampoo – for a nice shine

Let your car get a shiny shine faster than ever before with Xn–’s 3-in-1 car shampoo.

With the cleaning agent you get an optimal cleaning and care of vehicles of all types.

The active car shampoo removes oily and greasy dirt without any hassle. It has a quick-drying formula that makes the less fun work of polishing the vehicle much easier.

And the ultra-gloss formula gives the vehicle a nice and shiny shine.

High pressure brush – for car washing with a high pressure cleaner

The revolutionary WB 150 high-pressure washing brush is the first high-pressure brush created to wash a surface gently and efficiently.

The high-pressure brush can clean all outdoor surfaces, even the most delicate ones like varnish, without damaging the material.

The high-pressure brush is therefore an indispensable accessory for your wash with a high-pressure cleaner if you need to get started with it at home.

The combination of shampoo, the high water pressure from the high-pressure cleaner and the gentle brushes from the high-pressure brush together provide an effective tool for car washing from home.

Effective tools for objecting car cleaning

Also inside the car’s cabin, dust and dirt accumulate, which can make the drive a little less cozy. At Xn–, we fortunately also have helpful tools to make this part of the cleaning much easier, more efficient and more fun.

Interior cleaning of cars

  • Vacuum cleaners and accessories for efficient cleaning of the car’s interior
  • Xn– wet-vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning the car’s interior.
  • Here you can find a comprehensive set of accessories that can cover all cleaning needs. Find, for example, accessories for vacuuming luggage compartments, dashboards, seats, car mats and storage compartments.
  • A good tip for cleaning car mats: Even dried dirt can be easily removed with a Xn– suction brush with stiff brushes.
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