Getting Stainless Steel Trash Chute or Trash Valet

Which is Better: Getting Stainless Steel Trash Chute or Trash Valet

Are you on your way to make a major life-altering decision such as buying or renting an apartment? Are you tasked with making a choice between two: one with a living space wherein one place has stainless steel trash chute and the other with trash valet service? When left to make this complex decision, it is important to carefully gauge the situation and choose that best suits your needs. 

What is a Stainless Steel Trash Chute? 

A stainless steel trash chute is a large vertical canal made of stainless steel through which the garbage can be deposited at various points for garbage collection within an apartment complex. The chute covers all the floors and is located in a specific location at all of the homes within a building space. 

Here are the Benefits of Opting for Stainless Steel Trash Chutes: 

  • Convenience Factor – 

Opting for stainless steel trash chutes from world-class traders such as Midland Trash Chute Doors & Wilkinson chute door parts manufacturers gives one the apt convenience required to dispose of trash at any given time from the living premises. 

  • Appearance Factor –

As a result of disposal from within the premises of the home space, hallways are cleaner as nobody takes out their trash outside of the living space. 

  • Cost Factor – 

The installation of these stainless steel trash chutes during the construction phase of any building is cost-effective. In fact, Wilkinson chute door parts are also quite cost-effective for replacement at any apartment complex, in case needed. 

On the other hand, what is a Trash Valet?

A trash valet is a valet service that allows for a pick-up service of the trash from the property within a complex at a designated and scheduled time to dispose of the trash. Trash bins are placed outside of the unit, and the service will pick them up. However, residents themselves are responsible for bringing out the trash and taking back the empty trash can into their apartment unit.

Here are some of the benefits of opting for a trash valet: 

  • Convenience Factor – 

Residents won’t have to carry heavy loads of dripping bags of their daily trash down the hall to the location of the garbage disposal lot. The drip from the garbage bag will not stain, dirty, or stink up the elevator or the flight of stairs either. 

  • Volume Factor –

As a result of timely trash collection from the unit, trash won’t pile up within the home and stink up space, or there won’t smell emitting from the trash chutes. 

  • Recycling Factor –

As residents themselves have to sort out the trash that they need to discard, there’s plenty of room for recycling most trash, and waste is segregated well. There won’t be any unnecessary waste. 

  • Added Value – 

Just as valet parking works, trash valet too is a service that makes any apartment complex more sellable and attractive. 

All of these aspects need to be considered before making a well-informed decision of choosing between going for an apartment complex either with a stainless steel trash chute or a trash valet. The one that conveniences you the most should be considered as the viable option. 


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