Get a Capital Smart City File

How to Get a Capital Smart City File?


The Capital Smart City Reselling and File Transfer have received a lot of attention in recent weeks. Capital Smart City is an excellent investment opportunity because of its high returns on investment and the fact that it is Pakistan’s first-of-its-kind housing project. Via the Capital Smart City handover procedure, investors may opt to resell the existing property at a premium.

While the Capital Smart City Resale and File Transfer Procedure are generally straightforward, it can lead to unexpected issues. This is due in part to the cause that the Overseas block—one among the most renowned blocks in the project—has seen a significant surge of investment. The building is reported to have world-class architecture and smart facilities that meet international requirements. Only overseas Pakistanis & foreigners are allowed to use this block in Capital Smart City.

Documents Required for Resale of Capital Smart City

The paperwork needed for the Resale or File Transfer Process is generally straightforward and straightforward to get. A list of documentation and complete guidance to the Capital Smart City transference process has been compiled by experts.

The following documents are required:

  • Both the seller’s and the buyer’s CNIC
  • A duplicate of the Membership Letter in its original form
  • A receipt for the transfer charge and the MS fee
  • A paid slip for any outstanding fees that the seller may owe

Procedure for Transferring Files:

The Capital Smart City Reselling & File Transfer Process has a few phases that you must follow.

To begin, the seller must submit a “Transfer Request” to management. This, along with the other documents indicated above, must be presented to the housing project’s management. After then, the seller will receive a SOD, or Statement of Dues, for the Transfer Request they filed. What is a SOD, precisely? According to the Capital Smart City transmission, this is the total of all outstanding dues a seller has racked up. The seller’s payment history, including the acquisition of their piece of property and any development fees they might not have paid, will be detailed in this statement.

After the seller has paid off any remaining debts, they are given a No-Demand Certificate (NDC), certifying that all obligations have been met. The NDC is critical in completing the Capital Smart City registration process since it specifies that the seller is not compelled to pay any dues.

The seller and buyer must next present their case to a transferring officer for the Capital Smart City File Transfer Process. They will also be required to record statements demonstrating a shared interest within the file transfer procedure. Bring an official copy of the National Identity Card (NIC) as well as an original copy of your Membership Certificate. Your Capital Smart City transference process will begin after you submit those documents.

The resale or file transfer phase will then take around a month, after which the new buyer will receive a transfer certificate and layout file. Remember how we talked about the situational complications? They are as follows: what if the customer is from another country? In this scenario, the Capital Smart City administration permits the overseas buyer to choose a trusted individual (located in Pakistan) to take action using a “Power of Attorney.”

What if the vendor lives on the other side of the world? As previously stated, the foreign block is only currently available to Pakistanis living abroad. In this situation, the seller will need to obtain a GPA, or Power of Attorney, from the particular country’s embassy. Pakistan’s Foreign Office will certify this paper. Whoever will sign it, the seller has selected as their agent. This is an essential phase in the Capital Smart City transition process.

Capital Smart City Transfer Procedure Benefits

Why should you go by the hassle of purchasing a plot via the Capital Smart City File Transfer procedure? Possessing a property in the Overseas block may be one of the most important reasons to do so. As you may be aware, Capital Smart City does not sell these plots to residents; nevertheless, there is no restriction on resale or transfers. You might get a property in one of the project’s most prestigious blocks using the Capital Smart City File Transfer Procedure. As a dealer, selling the advantage is simple: you can sell your highly wanted plot for outrageous rates and earn a significant profit.


Although the Capital Smart City File Transfer Procedure is relatively straightforward, we have a few words of advice for you. When dealing with the transferring of an Overseas plot, double-check that the plot in question is indeed Overseas. Some people may try to dupe you into purchasing a General property for the cost of an Overseas one. Another item to consider is the legitimacy of your vendor and agency.

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